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Vincent Beier Kaspersen’s guide to Copenhagen

Vincent Beier Kaspersen is one of the world’s hottest models, for both men and women’s fashion. The Danish runway and editorial mainstay is never happier than when in his capital city home.

Words Nick Rice
Photography Simon Birk

How long have you lived in Copenhagen?

— I was born and raised in Copenhagen, so my primary home has always been here.

What do you love about the city?

— Copenhagen is a very chilled and cosy town. People are very relaxed, which I really like.

When is Copenhagen at its best?

— Summer, no doubt! There is the greatest vibe, people are relaxing and enjoying the weather and everyone is in a great mood.

Why is it such a liveable city?

— It’s a small town and it’s easy to get around and the people are relaxed, which makes everyday life very easy.

Best place for business lunch?

— I will usually go to Granola, it’s a very posh café in Vesterbro — nice food and hip people. It’s a good place for signing business deals.

Favourite place for a Sunday walk?

— I will usually walk around Nørrebro. You can get your local coffee and if you’re lucky there will be a few stores open to satisfy your Sunday shopping needs.

You have a burning desire to spend over 10,000 Kroner — which shops are you heading for?

— My favourite store in Copenhagen is the vintage store called Time’s Up Vintage. I wouldn’t mind spending over 10,000 kroner in there. Otherwise, Holly Golightly, Birger Christensen, or the department store Illum.

A hidden treasure for the food lover?

— I’ve never really been the type that is up to date on the food treasures around Copenhagen. I enjoy a kebab with my friends in Nørrebro.

Your favourite nature escape?

— I’m definitely not an outdoor lover but there is a great park called Bibliotekshaven behind Christiansborg, which is really nice.

A real treat for the mind — a gallery, museum, theatre or venue for shows?

— If I wanna go to a museum I will usually make a day trip to go to Louisiana — a beautiful art museum 30 minutes outside the city. Without a doubt, well worth the trip.

What would an ideal day in Copenhagen look like for you?

— As long as the weather is nice and I have great people around me, then Copenhagen can be the best place to just walk around and enjoy. Sometimes I will meet friends for breakfast at Møller Kaffe & Køkken, have lunch at District Tonkin, then dinner somewhere in Nørrebro and then dancing in either the meatpacking district or the gay club Never Mind. It’s the perfect place to hear bad pop songs.


Vincent’s Copenhagen

Granola, Værnedamsvej 5,

Time’s up Vintage, Krystalgade 4,

Holly Golightly, Borgergade 17B,

Birger Christensen, Østergade 38,

Illum, Østergade 52,

Møller Kaffe & Køkken, Nørrebrogade 160,

District Tonkin, Mikkel Bryggers Gade 2,

Never Mind, Nørre Voldgade 2,

Photographed in his apartment in Fredriksberg.
Photographed in his apartment in Fredriksberg.