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The world’s first made-to-measure T-shirt

Also more on the designer selling his brand and donating the archive to museums and the essence of Copenhagen cycling culture in one store.

The world’s first made-to-measure T-shirt

Danish Son of a Tailor offers – quite literally – a unique concept, as they’ve developed an algorithm that lets people find their perfect T-Shirt fit by answering four simple questions, which results in a custom-fitted T-Shirt sewn specifically to their measurements.

– We’re the first the company in the world to produce made-to-measure T-Shirts, says co-founders Jess Fleischer and Andreas Langhorn.

Founded in 2014, they’ve now grown into a 14-person strong team, built on the belief that fashion should be fundamentally better for customers, for the environment, and for the people involved in its production.

– As fashion became even faster with e-commerce, we saw the need to slow it down and promote the idea of valuing longevity and quality over trends and current styles. One of the ways we do this is by attaching a hangtag signed by the seamstress to each T-Shirt. It’s our way of recreating the lost link between the person who wears the garment and the person who produced it.

What’s so special about the actual t-shirt?

– The fit, the quality, and the responsible way in which it was produced. For an affordable price, people can get a tailored garment as traditional as the T-Shirt as the staples of their wardrobes.

You also communicate quite a lot about your fabrics and how good it is. Tell us more!

– We have two types of fabrics: merino wool and cotton. Our cotton is Supima-certified extra long staple cotton, primarily sourced from California. It is known as ”gourmet cotton” in the industry, mainly for three distinct qualities: its softness, its strength and its ability to retain color. Supima-certified cotton won’t dull or fade over time, which is key in our product because it means the T-Shirts are of utility for much, much longer than the average one. Our merino wool is sustainably farmed from non-mulesed sheep in Australia. Merino wool has tons of natural qualities; as we say, it’s a bit like magic. It keeps you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. At the same time, it wicks moisture, eliminates door, and has a beautiful glow about it. We did ask ourselves whether people would ‘get’ the idea of a wool T-Shirt, but now, six months later we’re happy to say it fully resonates with our customer base.

Who’s the typical customer?

– It’s becoming a lot broader, but the main two segments are 25 to 55-year-old men working in the financial and creative industries. For the finance guys, it’s a lot about replicating the sensation of a tailored suit that they’re used to from work, while the creative professional experiences it as the perfect work uniform.

Most recently, you launched a polo shirt and opened a pop-up in Copenhagen.

– Yes, we had the opportunity to partner with VIU Eyewear, which is a great brand and a fantastic partnership for us, to build a pop-up shop in their Copenhagen store. It’s a win/win: They get access to our large customer base in Copenhagen while we get to try out an offline concept. We believe in pop-ups as a long-term strategy, so this is an amazing way to test out a physical activation of a digital experience. We take a lot of inspiration from the US where brands that started out as digital disruptors are now building brick-and-mortar stores. It’s a development in retail that we find fascinating – that the experience is now not only in-store or online; it’s both places in a congruent experience.

What’s more to come?

– We have a ton of exciting things in the pipeline that we’re developing now. We can’t disclose anything as of yet, but we’re staying close to our core product (the T-Shirt). Our ambition is to make the world’s best T-Shirt before we move onto other categories; we feel we’re very close to achieving that goal.

The essence of Copenhagen cycling culture in one store

Velorbis offers high-quality urban commuter bicycles and accessories, including more than 1 million design options if you decide to create your own bike. The entire offering, including 20+ different cycles and tricycles including a variety of e-bikes, which are fast becoming the must-have mode of transport is now available at one place. The Velorbis brand store is located right next to one of the busiest bicycle lanes anywhere in the world, at Frederiksborggade 31 in central Copenhagen. If you’re curious for more, don’t miss their weekly Friday bar, with complimentary refreshments.

Designer selling his brand – donating the archive to museums

Founded in 2005, Danish London-based fashion designer Peter Jensen has now sold his eponymous label to Korean investor Pastel World, Fashionforum reports. He’s leaving the operational role but will continue working as a consultant, while moving to Atlanta as the new Associate Chair of Fashion at Savannah College of Art and design (following his previous teaching position at Central St. Martins in London). The brand’s archive has been donated to several different art institutions, such as Designmuseum Denmark, Magasin du Nord Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum in London, London College of Fashion, Central St. Martins and Manchester Art Gallery.

Son of a Tailor's made-to-measure T-shirt, archive picture of Peter Jensen's menswear line Spring/Summer 2013, and Velorbis brand store in Copenhagen.