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Rainwear success opening two new brand stores per month and iconic Louisiana museum takes us to the moon and back

+ more on the new smartwatch that adapts to your lifestyle and the Finnish brand’s own take on a truly iconic sneaker.

Rainwear success opening two new brand stores per month

Based on an early initiative to reinterpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a contemporary way, Rains has, since 2012, grown into an accomplished international rainwear brand mixing function with fashion. In addition to waterproof outerwear, they also offer a line of waterproof bags and accessories. With their headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, Rains is continuously inspired by Scandinavian weather and Nordic aesthetics. Each collection is set with intentions to both honor and challenge traditional perceptions of rainwear, and provide evidence that rainy weather is always an opportunity for displaying personal style.

You’re opening two stores per month this fall. Why is that?

– There is no doubt that there is a transformation in the go-to-market approach, but there is a bright future for companies that understand the omnichannel behavior, says co-founder Philip Latko. At Rains, we believe that our online platform and the Rains stores fulfill different needs at the same time as they complement each other. The right mix of physical and digital product availability is essential. The Rains stores are a statement of being the category definition within fashionable rainwear.

And today you open a store in Stockholm. Tell us more!

– It is a cool hub, designed in an overall bright and minimalistic Scandinavian environment, featuring birch, thermoplastic, and wool textures. Unique to the arrival of Rains in Stockholm is also the pre-launch of the Rains Ltd. Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, an exclusive capsule only available to the visitors of the Stockholm store until the official launch late September. The limited collection Mirage has already aroused great attention in media and is particularly being praised for its glossy, semi-transparent and transparent surfaces explored on both iconic and new Rains styles.

What’s not to be missed in the men’s FW18 collection?

– I think our new Thermal collection is really exciting, where we introduce a series of transitional raincoats made to endure the colder seasons. By applying the latest innovations in rainwear fabrics, every jacket in it is breathable and insulated, in addition to being wind- and waterproof. Each style also holds the recognizable and minimal Rains aesthetic.

Address: Humlegårdsgatan 16 in Stockholm.

Iconic Louisiana museum takes us to the moon and back

This weekend, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art opens new The Moon – From Inner Worlds to Outer Space with a comprehensive cross-aesthetic exhibition about one of the great themes of our culture, the moon. The exhibition is the major one for this autumn and consists of more than 200 works. It paints a multifaceted picture of the earth’s only natural satellite through art, film, music, literature, objects from cultural history, design, architecture, science, and astronomy. It’s been put together by the Louisiana curator Marie Laurberg, who in recent years has engaged in in-depth research on the significance of the moon for art and culture from Romanticism to contemporary art – and has developed the exhibition in dialogue with a number of institutions in other disciplines. In connection with the exhibition, a richly illustrated catalog with texts by the curator, the astrophysicist Anja Cetti Andersen, the art historian Stephen Petersen, archaeo-astronomer Ed Krupp and literary contributions by Italo Calvino and others, is also published. It runs until January 20, 2019.

Makia x Superga

One of Finland’s leading clothing brands Makia follows up recent collabs with the likes of Pure Waste and SUF Helsinki by putting their own take on Superga’s classic 2750 model. The collab comes in three colourways, all refurnished in a custom Makia island camo canvas. They also feature a cotton canvas upper, cotton lining, and a rubber sole, as well as custom Makia x Superga labels.

New smartwatch adapts to your lifestyle

In 2017, Pansar Sweden, an established watchmaker that has been operating out of Sweden for over a decade, teamed up with award-winning innovation agency The Techno Creatives and the result is now live on Kickstarter. Pansar Augmented is an analog smartwatch that adapts to your lifestyle by streaming relevant live data directly to your wrist. Choose a data theme on the smartphone app that includes, for example, the weather conditions at a specific location or the status of your social media following. A tap of the middle button on the watch, it goes from time mode to data mode and moves the hands to show you the current data on the dial.

Together with Switzerland’s leading movement manufacturer, they’ve co-engineered a smartwatch movement with pioneering techniques such as using the hands of the watch as a Bluetooth antenna. It’s the world’s first smartwatch combining an all stainless steel construction, sapphire glass back, and inductive charging, and comes in three different editions: Ocean (pictured), Accelerator, and Quantifier.

See the Kickstarter campaign here

Rains Ltd campaign, Makia x Superga collab, and Louisiana's new exhibition The Moon – From Inner Worlds to Outer Space.
The Pansar Augmented smart watch.