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Luke Edward Hall joins Svenskt Tenn and Norway highlights equality on its Constitution Day

Also in The News Report: Multi-brand store Aplace aims to offer a next level Scandinavian fashion retail experience after their renovation and garment care company awarded Growth Company of the Year. Plus: CDLP collaborates with Grand Hotel Tremezzo on a limited edition swimwear collection, launching exclusively with Mr Porter.

Norway highlights equality on its Constitution Day

Today marks both the Norwegian National day and the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia.

May 17 has been the Norwegian National day since 1814, the year the Constitution of Norway was signed at Eidsvoll. Constitution Day is traditionally associated with children’s parades, Norwegian flags, marching bands, and traditional costumes. And today, the tourist organization Visit Norway changes its logo to the colours of the rainbow and ”Powered by Equality”, in order to raise awareness on LGBTIQ rights for the International Day against Homophopia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

Earlier this week, Oslo hosted the IDAHOT+ Forum 2019 focusing on LGBTIQ policies and challenges. The conference included a Nordic ministerial meeting hosted by the Norwegian Minister of Culture and Equality, Trine Skei Grande. The 34 countries that make up the network all signed a joint declaration with a call for a renewed commitment from the Council of Europe and its Committee of Ministers, from the EU institutions and from European states to further work for LGBTI rights and inclusion.

Norway is currently the fourth best country in the world for LGBTIQ rights, according to ILGA Europe, and the second best country in the world when it comes to gender equality.

King Harald V of Norway declared the following in a speech from 2016:

“Norwegians are girls who love girls, boys who like boys, and girls and boys who are fond of each other. (…) When we in our national anthem sing; ”Yes, we love this country,” we must remember that we also sing about each other. For it’s we who make up the country. Therefore, our national anthem also is a declaration of love to the Norwegian people.”

We are proud to see how far the Norwegian society has come in terms of equality. With this initiative on Constitution day, Visit Norway wishes to stress that there are still challenges to overcome. Norway is a country that welcomes everyone, no matter who you love, says Bente Bratland Holm, Director Visit Norway. 

Luke Edward Hall x Svenskt Tenn

29-year-old London-based artist and designer Luke Edward Hall founded his studio in 2015. Since then, there has been a succession of prestigious assignments, such as collaborations with Burberry, Christie’s, and the Royal Academy of Arts. The collection for iconic interior company Svenskt Tenn, launching today, contains a pair of products that will be included in the range, as well as limited edition bags, cushions, ceramics and lampshades that are all designed in Hall’s characteristic style.

— The world can be pretty dark and gloomy, so it feels meaningful for me to embrace bold colours. I have always loved to surround myself with colour – to live with it, wear it and create things with it. I guess it is about optimism; colours bring happiness, says Hall.

Inspiration for the exhibition comes from Hall’s studio in London and a table setting with his characteristic aesthetic and playfulness is also on display.

— Luke is a multi-talented creative soul with an interesting design philosophy and positivity in his creations which makes him an exciting person in our time. We are looking forward to showing off his artistry and having our worlds meet, says Thommy Bindefeld, marketing and creative director.

— I have admired Svenskt Tenn and Josef Frank for many years so it feels great to actually get to work together. Frank’s fabrics are so playful and vibrant. I remember when I bought my very first Svenskt Tenn cushion seven or eight years ago. It was, and still is one of my absolute favourite things, says Hall.

The collection includes three printed cushions and a tray as well as limited editions bags, cushions and lampshades designed exclusively for Svenskt Tenn. For the exhibition, they also have a limited edition of products selected by Luke Edward Hall on display, such as ceramics, tea containers, glasses, and carafes.

The exhibition runs from May 17 to August 12 on Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm. You can also visit ARSENALSGATAN 3 in Stockholm to see more of Luke Edward Hall’s artistry.

A next level Scandinavian fashion retail experience

Kristian Rajnai and Kalle Tollmar founded APLACE as a fashion magazine to be able to write about all their talented friends working with fashion, art, and music. Influenced by other progressive platforms like Fashion East in London and Hyeres in France, they initiated trade fair +46 which also worked as a platform for progressive Scandinavian fashion brands. It housed brands like Our Legacy, Dagmar, Rodebjer, and Hope showcasing their early collections. The fashion competition connected with it attracted exceptional jury members such as Kim Jones, Nicola Formichetti, and Diane Pernet.

— After a couple of seasons, one of the big department stores in Stockholm gave us the opportunity to open a store. We obviously did it mainly about the Scandinavian fashion brands that we love. 12 years later we still do it, says Rajnai.

After running their flagship store at Brunogallerian in Stockholm for nine years, they re-open it today after an extensive renovation by Ray Atelier.

— We have many regular customers who have visited our store since the start and the remodeling is partly to give them something new and amazing. We also believe that retail today needs to provide a really good experience to have a justified existence. With this new concept, we believe that this experience in our store will be really good, he says, continuing,

— Ray Atelier has developed our new store concept based on the best from Scandinavia in the materials and raw materials we have around us. That includes bricks from one of Sweden’s oldest brickworks, steel, wood, textiles, and glass. We now carry Kajsa Melchior’s sand sculptures, recently exhibited in Milan during Design Week. Our fitting rooms have stools made by students at Beckmans Design College and the music is played through Teenage Engineering’s speaker OD-11, which is a carefully rebuilt version of Stig Carlsson’s famous speaker from 1974.

Focusing on Scandinavian brands, which ones would you like to highlight?

— Definitely Adnym Atelier for their denims and All Blues for their contemporary take on the jewelry industry. Martin Asbjørn, which we will carry from this fall, and Per Götesson are both inspiring and pushing the boundaries.

How will APLACE develop onwards?

— We want to continue doing the same as we have done in the last decade; being a progressive platform for Scandinavian creativity. The bigger our platform gets the more impact and support we can offer for the brands that we work with. Especially the smaller ones. It is and always has been one of our biggest driving force to help them continue blessing us and everyone else with their creativity.

APLACE runs two stores (the other one in Malmö, Sweden) and second-hand store Pearl in Stockholm. The latter will also have a space in their re-opened flagship. They still produce their own fashion magazine called APLACE Magazine.

Photography: Per Orchideen

CDLP launching swimwear with iconic Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Inspired by the lifestyle at the acclaimed destination right next to Lake Como, CDLP’s new swimwear capsule features three styles each specifically designed for varying occasions at the property: an Aperitivo Swim Short, Piscina Swim Short, and Riva Swim Brief. The palette is directly inspired by the prominent shades of the surroundings, aptly named Bellagio Blue, Como Blue, Navy Blue, Tremezzo Orange, and Alpine White.

Reinforcing CDLP’s ongoing commitment to working with innovative sustainable fabrics, each style is made in ECONYL — a regenerated premium nylon fiber sourced from fishnets and nylon waste. All fabrics are sourced from Italy and garments are handmade in Portugal at a family-run fábrica. For the campaign, CDLP co-founder and creative director Christian Larson shot two friends, Marcus and Pierre, while they stayed at Grand Hotel Tremezzo one long weekend.

Dropping today at Mr Porter, CDLP’s brand new retail space at Stureplan in Stockholm and online.

Garment care company awarded Growth Company of the Year

At this week’s Swedish Retail Awards, Swedish Steamery was awarded Growth Company of the Year.

— We couldn’t be happier! says Petra Ringström, CEO. Five years ago, we saw a need on the market to educate people on how to take better care of their clothes, by creating the right tools. Today, slow fashion and sustainable thinking are really on the march. Consumers see that overconsumption of clothes is harmful to the environment and are looking for smart ways to take better care of their clothes in order for them to last longer – and we’re here to help these people.

How’s the business?

— We’re growing rapidly and our growth has been 100% organic, as we’ve haven’t taken in any external funding, says Frej Lewenhaupt, Creative Director. When we started up, we had to flip every coin, so we had to travel by train between tradeshows around Europe because we couldn’t afford plane tickets. Now, our products are sold by 1000 resellers in over 60 countries. Scandinavia, UK, and Germany are our biggest markets. This year we’re also officially launching in the US, which for us is super exciting. We can also reveal that we’re soon about to broaden our offering and introduce a whole new product range, so stay tuned.

Luke Edward Hall x Svenskt Tenn, Aplace’s renovated flagship store in Stockholm, and CDLP’s new swimwear line.
Norway highlights equality on its Constitution Day.
Steamery’s Petra Ringström and Frej Lewenhaupt after being awarded at Swedish Retail Awards.