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Ilse Crawford’s exclusive line for Skultuna and the April Fool’s moved into production – ”to make watches great again”

Plus Arket x Apartamento and a new pyjama collab to upper your Netflix & Chill game.

Ilse Crawford for Skultuna

This spring iconic Skultuna, founded in 1607, launch The Nurture Collection by Ilse Crawford. The London-based designer, academic and creative director is the founder of Studioilse and creates with a simple mission to put human needs and desires at the centre.

The line includes a brass watering can and brass and ceramic plant pots. It responds to the growing desire to bring plants, greenery, and life into our homes or workspaces with beautiful objects that encourage us to take care of them. They are a daily reminder to attend to our plants. Brass has been chosen to reflect light and its surroundings. Ceramics in black, green and chocolate create an earthy foil for your pet plants. These materials will age beautifully and witness ”time” in their appearance.

Nordiska Galleriet and Nufferton are upping your Netflix & Chill game

When you take a seat in a Gio Ponti-designed chair, a sofa from Italian Cassina or an armchair by the Eames couple, you should do so with dignity. Sweatpants, hoodies and printed t-shirts won’t do the trick. That’s why Stockholm’s famous furniture store Nordiska Galleriet is now doing a collab with pyjama connoisseurs Nufferton.

The limited-edition pyjama is designed in Nufferton’s classic stripes and the colours are the same as in Nordiska Galleriet’s new visual identity — yellow and black. The collab is a great example of when old meets new. Nordiska Galleriet is one of Sweden’s most iconic design brands, an institution that’s been on the same address on Nybrogatan for over 100 years. Nufferton, on the other hand, is a fashion newcomer that can be found at retailers such as Opening Ceremony New York, Le Bon Marche Paris, Beams Tokyo, and Liberty London. &

ARKET launches collaboration with Apartamento

Yesterday ARKET released design collaboration with Apartamento magazine, a limited-edition range of ARKET Cotton GSM — a collection of jersey essentials organised by weight — featuring illustrations by Munich-based artist Martin Fengel.

The line presents a playful interpretation of the four different jersey materials that make up the Cotton GSM program. Each piece has been edited with an illustration representing the qualities of the respective fabrics.

— The passion for everyday life is something that we have in common with Apartamento. This
collaboration was an inspiring way to play with one of our core programs in a genuine way.
Apartamento and Martin added a laid-back sense of humour to the collection, says ARKET Head of Design Anna Teurnell.

This April Fools watch is moved into production – ”to make watches great again”

It’s not a joke. Due to the massive response Triwa received on their April Fools Comb-over watch they have now decided to move it into production. In order to do so, they need at least 100 pre-orders and have started a crowdfunding. If they reach 100 units by April 15 they can start production and have the watch delivered in 90 days. If they don’t reach it you can either be refunded or have the money converted into other Triwa products.

Arket x Apartamento, Nufferton x Nordiska Galleriet, Ilse Crawford for Skultuna and Triwa’s April Fools watch.