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A celebration of wrinkles and Hasselblad unveils body-positive portrait series about extremely rare skin condition

Plus Martin Asbjørn re-introduces fringe sweatshirt made famous by Post Malone.

A celebration of wrinkles

Founded in 1976 and with their roots in the Scandinavian archipelago, fashion brand Boomerang has celebrated longlasting qualities and style that ages with beauty ever since the start. Included in this sustainable philosophy is the Boomerang Effect, where you can return your old Boomerang garments and get 10% reward as a token of appreciation when you buy a new piece.

— The returned garment gets a new life in some shape or as our own vintage, an idea that prolongs the life of our garments with as many users as possible. And also serves as proof of our high-quality standards, says Creative Director Catti Unenge.

To highlight the Boomerang Effect, and collect even more old garments, the brand has joined forces with department store Åhléns in Stockholm. And they also celebrate wrinkles.

— We launch the high summer collection where we focus on linen, a sustainable quality that uses less water in the production process — as we love water! Linen has a natural beauty with all the creases and wrinkles. In a filtered, photoshopped society where everyone is chasing the ”young and perfect”, we wanted to make a statement: Pro wrinkles! Ageing is beautiful! At first, we were looking for a collab with a skincare brand that had ”pro ageing” instead of ”anti ageing” – but it was hard to find, sorry to say, says Unenge.

What else is coming for you?

— Even if we’re all longing for summer right now, we are looking forward to a colour- and joyful Fall 2019. We have managed to put even more sustainable qualities into the collection for fall and are constantly working towards our goal to make our brand all green one day.

Hasselblad unveils body-positive portrait series about extremely rare skin condition

Over a span of 33 months, British photographer Brock Elbank photographed 30 individuals with Congenital Melanocytic Naevus (CMN), an extremely rare birthmark that can cover up to 80% of the body, for his series HOW DO YOU C ME NOW? Shot with his Hasselblad H4D-60 in collaboration with the UK CMN charity Caring Matters Now, Brock’s body-positive portrait series raises awareness on this little-known skin condition that less than 1% of the world’s population is born with.

CMN, which can originate on any piece of skin, is caused by a random gene mutation during the baby’s development in the womb. CMN grows proportionally on the skin surface as the person gets taller and bigger. This skin is more fragile, should be protected from direct sunlight, and can usually be covered with hair.

Brock’s portrait subjects span 14 countries across 5 continents, including Australia, Brazil, USA, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and China. As his subjects have normally done for his past series, including Freckles and Vitiligo, each person flew to Brock’s London studio to sit for him. But for some, this was their first time allowing themselves to be formally photographed, especially without clothes covering their CMN, shot without makeup on or even meet another person with CMN.

Brock’s CMN series, shot for the UK CMN charity Caring Matters Now, has been exhibited at the London OXO Wharf Gallery and will travel to Italy, the USA, Spain, Switzerland, and Australia, continuing to spread awareness and understanding of this rare condition.

Martin Asbjørn re-introduces fringe sweatshirt made famous by Post Malone

Martin Asbjørn is ready with a restock of his fringe sweatshirt, that Post Malone did show in his music video ”Go Flex”. Produced in Portugal, this oversized boxy sweatshirt in black is made in organic cotton and features western fringe detailing across the back and down the sleeves. The Bear heart sweatshirt is a remake from a previous collection and is made in a limited number.

The sweatshirt is available online only.

Hasselblad’s new exhibition, Martin Asbjørn’s fringe sweatshirt seen on Post Malone, and linen in Boomerang’s SS19 campaign.