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”The great thing about the collection is that it captures the nexus between business and casual”

After selling 1,2 million shirts last year, Eton experiences huge success with this season’s addition to their offering, Soft Classics, and welcomes a new CEO to see the growth further improve.

Words Johan Magnusson & Andreas Siotis

”It’s humbling — and a little hard to take in,” says Eton’s Chief Creative Officer Sebastian Dollinger about last year’s sales numbers. He adds:

— With that said, no matter how many pieces we sell, I and my team’s focus remains the same — ensure that each and every collection lives up to the highest possible standard.

For SS19, Eton introduces the Soft Classics line, which Dollinger describes as their most versatile collection to date.

— It captures the nexus between business and casual. What’s unique about it is also that we’ve been able to work with a greater variety of fabric qualities — fabric blends we’ve never done before. It ranges all the way from our brand new cotton-silk shirt, which I think everyone should try, to ultra-light denim fabrics, to a new super-soft modal cotton. We feel that we can really fill every consumer’s sartorial need. Other than providing the beloved fit of our shirts, we now also offer more relaxed and garment washed fabrics, he says.

How’s the response?

— It has been received extremely well by all of our retail partners, but we’ve also had great success selling out — both in our own channels as well as through our retailers.

The SS19 main collection ”Transformation” is based on Luigi Seraphini’s book Codex Seraphinianus, an illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world.

— In the collection, you’ll find some of our most creative prints yet – from the playful polka dot/avocado print to cool and cooling flamingo/ice-cream print, to some terrific new zip shirt pieces. We’re launching a fantastic pique shirt this spring with the addition of Soft New Classics, says Dollinger.

This month, right in time for the warmer months, Eton serves up a tennis-themed high summer collection. A sartorial take, with breathable summer fabrics including seersucker, piqué jersey, and linen create classical looks for the right athletic elegance. An important inspiration is the iconic style of tennis icons to the likes of Björn Borg and John McEnroe.

— We wanted to capture all the historical highlights of tennis fashion in the very same
collection — from the preppy 1920s styles to the retro sporty 1970-80s styles. Personally, I absolutely consider tennis to be the most stylish sport out there, says Dollinger.

What else is coming for you?

— I would like to pay homage of respect to our CEO, Hans Davidson, who is stepping down after 30 years. I have known him my entire life since my father was at Eton for 35 years. He always believed in me and gave me all the freedom and help that I needed to flourish. In addition, I am thrilled to be working with David Thörewik who is joining us in August from Weekday, where he has been the CEO for the last 6 years.

Eton Soft New Classics.
Eton High Summer 2019.