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”Raincoat mogul” sets sail towards neighbouring island

The latest addition to the Swedish island of Öland, situated in a particularly sun-drenched locale and the summer favourite of the urban populace: Swedish raincoat brand Stutterheim, opening a new store at Hotell Borgholm.
— It is a way to summarize the years with Stutterheim and to see how my new, organic wool brand, John Sterner, can go in hand with the rain collection. I constantly need to create and invent and turn ideas into reality, says founder Alexander Stutterheim.

Words Andreas Siotis & Johan Magnusson
Photography Christofer Johansson

Alexander Stutterheim grew up in a village near the city of Borgholm and his early summers were often spent on Öland.

— It is the most magical island where I can relax and create and work in a much better way than Stockholm, thanks to its overwhelming beauty and calmness, he says.

In March, he was approached by the new owner of Hotell Borgholm, who, after renovating the hotel, asked if he was interested in starting his own Concept Store for Stutterheim and John Sterner in the building.

— I constantly need to create and invent and turn ideas into reality. I am soon done with everything I ever dreamt or fantasied, both in my private life and in my work with my brands. Also, I do all this best on my favorite place: Öland. There will be special pieces and special events taking place in store and on Öland, for instance, new exciting launches for both Stutterheim and John Sterner. I see both the store and the islands as my canvas to make engaging content and deepen the communication with customers and followers.

This month sees several of the mentioned drops taking place.

— It will be intense, says Stutterheim. I launch handmade wellies in natural rubber, a new, thinner raincoat that I simply think is great as well as a collaboration with a very exclusive and famous brand. For John Sterner I am launching new sweaters, wool duvets, and pillows in eco wool from Öland. And perhaps also something else, I’m waiting for samples now and if they are nice and I can afford, I will put them in production.

What are your future plans?

— They are so vivid I can’t grasp or comprehend them but a mix of calm, focused work on Öland and in Stockholm and total megalomanic super projects.

Alexander Stutterheim outside of his store in Borgholm, Sweden.
John Sterner.
"Regn" is rain in Swedish.
Alexander Stutterheim.