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”Our long-term goal is, of course, not to have any leftover fabric to turn into products”

Iconic Haglöfs put sustainability at the core of everything they do and one important step towards their ambitious non-leftover fabric goal is the new Leftover Sleeping bag. Turning unused material left over from their production processes into colorful sleeping bags turned out to be a great idea.

Haglöfs’ story began in Torsång, Dalarna back in 1914, when Wiktor Haglöf made the first stitch in a backpack.

— From that day, it’s been our mission to inspire people to get outside, says Erica Wigge, Global Publishing Manager. From our Swedish heritage, with a commitment to sustainability and innovation, we have continued to create progressive outdoor products at the highest level for hiking, mountaineering, and freeriding.

— We have a unique heritage of more than 100 years of craftsmanship and innovation, making the most outstanding outdoor products to withstand the harsh Nordic conditions, while at the same time being committed to limit the impact our products have on the planet.

The last-mentioned — to put sustainability at the core of everything they do, to always improve and find solutions that will reduce the impact their business has on the environment — also fuels their creative process.

— And that’s how we created the Leftover Sleeping bag. We wanted to find a way to use unused material left over from our production processes and making them into colorful sleeping bags turned out to be a great idea, says Wigge, continuing,

— Our long-term goal is, of course, not to have any leftover fabric to turn into products. But while we are working hard to reduce the amount of leftover fabric in our main production, we will keep ensuring we are actively reducing waste by turning something that would have been forgotten about, into something genuinely useful and high-quality. In time for next winter, you’ll see some more great leftover accessories being added to the range.

How do you work with sustainability?

— Being passionate about the outdoors, speaking for both Haglöfs as an outdoor brand and me personally, I just can’t emphasize enough how important it is that we all care more for the environment. So that we, and future generations, can keep enjoying time in nature. At Haglöfs we believe that a sustainable outdoor industry is possible. We do our best by, first and foremost, producing high-quality products with a long life-span. We are also working to continuously reduce our C02 footprint, with carbon-compensating our travels and by spreading information about climate change. These are several contributions to lessen our total impact, but we also know that more work is needed.

Anything else?

— We also have some other exciting news coming up. In the fall we are bringing back one of our most iconic products ever. Stay tuned for that…

Haglöfs’ Leftover Sleeping bag.
Haglöfs’ Leftover Sleeping bag.