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Men's Fashion Month Report

”Real clothes for real people”

The most anticipated show at Copenhagen Fashion Week? We went backstage before SUNFLOWER’s presentation in the Danish capital today, and hear CEO Ulrik Pedersen’s own vision about the hyped brand.

Ulrik Pedersen has more than 20 years of experience from the fashion industry. He founded NN.07 and worked almost 10 years in front as Creative Director, before quitting three years ago. The next chapter is SUNFLOWER.

– My mindset in SUNFLOWER is that we should only work with the absolutely best persons and companies which I have met during my many years in this business. This is both internal and external – all the way from our producers to the retailers… We only want the best of the best, he says, continuing,

– This is also why [creative agency, editor’s note] MOON is a big part of SUNFLOWER as they, without any doubts, are the strongest and most innovative agency in the field now. Furthermore, Swedish creative mastermind Bengt Thorefors is deeply involved in concept and design. As I see it, he’s the best developer for denim, which I also think is clearly shown in the collection. Last but not least, I consider Allan Blond as the person when it comes to production. He’s making sure we will reach the highest level of quality to all our products.

What stands out with your brand?

– Maybe that we’re not trying to be unique by trying to design crazy things. We are really much into making real clothes for real people. And of course, for SUNFLOWER quality and craftsmanship is a keyword in all aspects.

Tell us what we saw at the presentation today.

– Collection 02 for AW19 is a good follow up to Collection 01. We’ve of course added new interesting stuff to the collection. For example, a lot of very nicely made suitings, but in the SUNFLOWER way, meaning suits for the streets rather than for the office.

And when will we see your stuff in store?

– Spring -19 collection will be launched in February with some few selected retailers plus online.

Backstage photography: Siri Edit Andersson.
Photographer Simon Birk’s pictures from today’s presentation in Copenhagen.
SUNFLOWER’s preview pictures of FW19.