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Men's Fashion Month Report

”I wanted to create a young nostalgic feeling in a more tailored and grown-up way”

What started out as a shoe line back in 2015 is now a unisex label full of graphic silhouettes with geometric details and shapes, as designer Nette Sandström tells us more about the Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Photography Mathias Nordgren

Born and raised in Härnösand in north Sweden, Sandström studied Fashion Design at Swedish School of Textiles, before working as an art director and freelance designer while making NAND grow.

– I started the brand in 2015 with making shoes and it slowly developed to become only clothes. So for me, it’s been a big development of what the brand was until where it is right now. It took time to really understand what I wanted NAND to be.

Tell us about your design philosophy.

– The aesthetics of NAND is graphic silhouettes with geometric details and shapes. The uniqueness is that I work a lot with different constructed pocket and sleeve details in all my garments.

Tell us about your SS19 collection.

– My sweatshirts with NAND logos has always been flirting with the 80s, and I wanted to create the same young nostalgic feeling with this collection in a more tailored and grown-up way. The leather pieces and the more tailored thin wool costumes are my favourites. I think they are timeless and speaks the language of what NAND is.

What else is coming for you this fall?

– A sweatshirt collaboration with the art collective PLX and selling my AW18 collection online starting mid-September.