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Guiding fashion

As we prepare for our epic show during Fashion Week Stockholm, our contributor Philip Warkander reflects on the convergence of fashion and outdoor.

Words Philip Warkander
Photography Fredrik Andersson Andersson

Sportswear and fashion have a long history of inspiring one another. More than a century ago, garments used in the active, outdoor lifestyle – riding, cycling and playing tennis – changed not only the appearance but also the direction of fashion. Since then, new materials have regularly been introduced to fashion through outdoor brands, continuously guiding fashion in a more comfortable and durable direction.

From the luxury segment to the mass market, outdoor wear has affected both our choices in leisure activities as well as the appearance of our garments. But, the influence of fashion on outdoor wear has also been significant. Fashion teaches that appearance matters, that the devil is in the details, and that even when clothes are functional, they need to be attractive.

Scandinavian culture has always had close ties with nature, as we traditionally and regardless of season spend a lot of time in the countryside and in the outdoors. For this reason, Scandinavian fashion has often been defined by its strong connection with the outdoor community.

Now, Scandinavian MAN takes the next step in developing this relationship, by inviting and celebrating traditional outdoor brands as a key part of Fashion Week Stockholm, the most important event in Swedish fashion.

January 29, 2019

Urban Outdoor by Scandinavian MAN. Mäster Samuelsgatan 42. Monday February 4 at 16:00. By invitation only.