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We follow up one of Scandinavia’s leading design event, 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, with DUX for more on their special 50th-anniversary collection with design icon Bruno Mathsson, their new collaboration with Norm Architects and the coming platform compatible with Amazon’s Alexa technology.

Henrik Ljung is the fourth generation in furniture and beds family business DUX, established in 1926 by his great grandfather Efraim and has lately being a part of the build-up of many of their new markets such as UAE, Korea, and Japan.

— DUX is Latin for ”the leader” and our products and heritage makes us truly unique, he says. On the bed and mattresses side, we produce our own machines that produce our own unique spring system which is the heart and soul of our world-renowned DUX bed offered in over 25 countries around the world via our DUXIANA retail store network.

The range also includes strong classical pieces of furniture, such as the Bruno Mathsson Jetson, Karin, and Pernilla, now celebrating their 50th anniversary. To celebrate, these pieces are relaunched with new fabrics and leathers.

— The Jetson chair is probably our most iconic chair, simplistic in its design, yet an ergonomic masterpiece. The name — and maybe the chair itself! — was inspired by the TV series ”The Jetsons” from 1962. The Karin chair was the first chair specifically designed for DUX and this chair is now in its 3rd of 4th ”cool again” stage of its life cycle. The Pernilla 69 is an easy chair which is said to have received its shape from when Bruno let himself fall in the snow creating a mold-like shape of his body position.

At 3daysofdesign they showcased the furniture and beds first-hand at The Audo – a brand new, inclusive space that fuses event facilities with a café, restaurant, showroom, and retail area.

— It’s also an exclusive boutique residence with 10 rooms furnished with DUX beds with internationally renowned Danish design studio Norm Architects standing behind the interior concept. We showcased our bed collections as well as new head boards, made exclusively for The Audo in collaboration with Norm Architects. In addition, we showed the new anniversary collection including special editions of its classic furniture created in collaboration with Bruno Mathsson.

The coming launches will see another level of tech elements involved.

— After the summer we are looking to launch a bed where we are experimenting with making a bed(room) platform compatible with Amazon’s Alexa technology. We also have a collaboration with the Swedish Institute in Paris, which is opening after renovation during the Maison & Objet fair in September. DUX will be present with premium beds in all of the guest rooms and also introduce a ”DUX room” with both DUX beds and furniture, says Ljung, continuing,

— 4 years ago we started an interesting collaboration with Claesson Koivisto Rune which has resulted in some nice exciting new furniture such as our Alicia sofa. Another exciting collaboration is with Norm Architects where we so far have focused on bedroom furniture and we presented the first piece, the Anna headboard, earlier this year. And, of course, The Audo.

Headboard Audo by Norm Architects for DUX.
Karin armchair in a new exclusive Tangram textile fabric and leather.
DUX and Norm Architects.