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A next level protection

A patented, award-winning Swedish sunscreen formula has taken the market by storm. Founder Margret Pinto credits Icelandic fishermen for the success while fulfilling the ambition to become a major global player.

Words Johan Magnusson
Photography Pär Olofsson

On a highly competitive market, where a bunch of the world’s biggest skincare companies use a good share of their huge marketing budgets, a Swedish invention is making a considerable mark. And according to CEO Margret Pinto, with a background at H&M and as Production Manager and Managing Director at smaller clothing brands, it is all according to the plan.

— Yes, perhaps I was big headed but the vision when I started in 2010 was to become a global brand. To present a Swedish invention that the world deserves — in order to make life in the sun more safe for everyone.

EVY’s story began in Stockholm in the late ’90s, when Pinto’s mother, Anna Hjartardottir, met a Swedish chemist. He introduced her to a completely new medical technology-based formula treating eczema, contact allergy, and protecting the skin from irritants. Anna brought the formula to her native country Iceland, which, with its harsh climate, offered the perfect conditions to test the product. And Icelandic fishermen, who came into contact with saltwater and the strong stomach acids of the fish on a daily basis, were an excellent test group.

— The problems with dry, sensitive hands that the fishermen had experienced, disappeared completely after using our products and she also made a huge success when the sunscreen came out, says Pinto.

So, what’s so special? The sunscreen is distributed through the entire top layer of the skin, which is unique, and strengthens the natural protective barrier of it.

— It protects for up to six hours and also against dehydration and skin irritants such as chemicals, heat, wind, and water. It doesn’t wash off when swimming or during light washing, and helps the skin to maintain its natural hydration. The mousse is light, easily absorbed, neither leave any residue, nor clog the pores. It doesn’t only protect the skin, but also its active ingredients, such as sun filters. The formula carries the active ingredients further into the skin layer and protects them from oxidation. When it comes to sun filters, the benefits become very clear as our sunscreen lasts up to three times longer than conventional sun protection.

The key product in the current range is the Daily UV Face Mousse SPF 30.

— It prevents as well as treats sun damage and protects from pollutants which create free radicals. The formula is enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and protective antioxidants and prevents skin pigmentation. It is suitable for daily skin care and all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. The mousse is light as a feather, and if you use makeup it’s ideal to wear under. A bottle is sufficient for about 60 applications, which is amazing as a normal cream recommended for the face needs 5 ml for each application.

Which kind of feedback do you get?

— It’s hard to explain all the benefits but once people test, they understand that the products just work differently and stay on, almost no matter what, says Pinto. We are pretty much the only skin care brand using aerosol and people are finally starting to understand that it has fantastic benefits for the client and the environment. It’s a struggle to educate people, but the more the awareness increases, the more appreciation we get from our clients.

And how about your first mission to become a global brand?

— Yes, we are growing very rapidly, now focusing on the different European markets. Scandinavia has been our priority to date and we’re expanding to Norway this year. Great Britain is going very well and we’re focusing on getting a deal through with a German distributor, like we have in Italy and Hong Kong.

20 years have passed. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

— As the registration processes in many countries are very expensive and time-consuming, I’m more aware now that different parts of the world have different regulations. That means it’s not as easy to expand as I thought from the beginning. Who knows? In order to really become a global brand, we might have to sell to a big investor group, such as L’Oréal. But for now, we grow organically and have no investors. We’re focusing on the launch of UV Face mousse SPF 50 and a UV/heat protections mousse for the hair, as well as some updates of existing formulas, says Pinto.

EVY Technology’s Daily UV Face Mousse.