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A new era of watches

By identifying the missing piece in their own lives, the founders of Kronaby found a missing piece of the market. They realised that the time had come to offer a new generation of watches — ever connected to our smartphones, still elegant and stylish — and turned it into a global hit in only 18 months.

Words Johan Magnusson

In January 2017, media from all over the world gathered in an old church in Malmö, Sweden, for Kronaby’s unveiling of their collection of hybrid smartwatches.

— We wanted to use our expertise within technology and wearable design to create something completely new. The collection is a nod to classic watchmaking tradition blended with today’s demand for modern smart technology, says Henrik Jarl, Head of Global Marketing.

What’s so unique about them?

—All Kronaby watches are connected to the user—friendly application. The app provides the customer with a personalised and tailored watch experience and opens them up to a world of relevant smart features such as; filtered notifications, music control, find my phone, and much more. The goal is to help you stay connected but not distracted. In addition to this, unreleased features are tried and tested in the newly launched light—testing programme ”Kronaby LABS”. Here, avid fans of the brand can sign up and test exclusive features before they are released. Having all main competences, such as software and in—house design provides endless possibilities and enables us to combine world—leading engineering and state—of—the—art Scandinavian design.

Which features and functions do the customers tend to like the most?

— Filtered notifications and find my phone being some of our most used features actually says a lot about the growing need of being able to stow away your phone from time to time. At Kronaby we strive to follow our philosophy, ”Technology made Human”, meaning we put design at the centre of watchmaking and re-align technology to make it work for the user, not the other way around. Each feature and design is carefully created to allow users to focus on what truly matters to them.

Earlier this year, Kronaby announced their ”Connected. Not distracted” campaign. Starring their first global ambassador, Narcos actor Matias Varela, the campaign aims to push people to stay away from their phones.

— Since Matias embraces the same philosophy, teaming up with him to share this powerful message felt very natural. His integrity and down—to—earth attitude represents the modern Scandinavian man, and is the ideal fit for Kronaby.

How has your expansion been?

—Ever since the start, we had a clear vision of going global. Today, we are present all over Europe as well as in the US, Canada, Japan and just recently the United Arab Emirates and China. Worth mentioning is also the UK, where we see a very positive response from leading retailers includ-ng Liberty and John Lewis.

For this fall, you present a new edition to the APEX collection.

— Yes, it comes as a 41 mm and a noticeable update are the Arabic numbers where the 3, 9 and 12 have been increased in size to give the face a distinguishing appearance. Multiple aesthetic updates include a 2—layered sandwich construction; the numbers and indexes are now cut through the brushed top brass plate. The different variations have the option of either a 20mm Italian vegetal tanned leather strap or a solid metal bracelet, with solid folding buckles. The straps are equipped with quick release spring bar pins to easily replace and update designs. In addition to this, we will also offer two new variations of the popular SEKEL blue dial.

Where do you see Kronaby in the near future?

— We started the mother company, Anima, with a vision to digitalize traditional industries. First up was the Kronaby watch, which we are aiming towards establishing as a global watch brand among the hybrid smart watch segment. The development of the software and design continues with contactless payment solutions soon to be a reality. Overall there is an ongoing buzz around wearables and I’m sure there is a lot more to come, it’s very exciting being part of this paradigm shift within the traditional watch industry.

Matias Varela, brand ambassador.
Kronaby APEX 41 mm.