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Antonio Cristaudo

The chief commercial and development officer at Pitti Immagine gives you more on the increasing Scandinavian presence at the world’s most influential menswear event.

Words by Konrad Olsson

Why do you think we are seeing a big influence of Scandinavian brands this year?

— It is in the Pitti Immagine DNA to do research in the most interesting scenarios for contemporary fashion today and Scandinavia is for sure one of the areas with the highest creative energy in this sense. In the showcase that we will be presenting at the Fortezza da Basso together with Revolver Copenhagen, we have included young menswear designers alongside established brands: each of them has a specific vision of style, and we think the overall selection is really strong in expressing the most genuine essence of Scandinavian design and lifestyle, open to experimentations and mixing tradition and modernity.

At Scandinavian MAN we talk a lot about values like equality and sustainability. From your perspective, is this something that is making the Scandinavian brands stand out, or could we do more to enhance our unique profile?

— Equality and sustainability are nowadays very important values shared among fashion brands and companies. For sure, at the beginning there was a strong input coming from Scandinavia about these issues, with brands from Sweden, Denmark and Norway being among the first in spreading the awareness about the respect of the environment and an approach towards fair production. In general, I think that in the current times equality and sustainability are values quite well developed in the fashion field.

What are some of the most important changes that have happened in the world of menswear in the past few years?

— We’ve been facing an increasing mix between formal and informal. Tailoring is becoming more and more informal and at the same time informal is getting more and more structured.

What are you looking forward to the most during Pitti 94?

— I’m very much looking forward to I GO OUT, the new exhibition project on outdoor styles that we’ll launch at the Sala della Ronda. I GO OUT interprets outdoor style in an original way: the passion for open spaces and nature-related sports meets the most advanced style research and design. We’ll showcase around 30 aesthetically impeccable collections from all over the world.

Antonio Cristaudo, Chief commercial and development officer at Pitti Immagine