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Part of the World Heritage Laponia region and a stunning high alpine area populated by the great moose and other wildlife. Founded 110 years ago, this is one of the oldest national parks in Europe, and two other national parks, Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta, are neighbours, so get three for the price of one. This vast delta landscape is the ancient home of the Sami people and features mountains over 2,000 metres high and nearly 100 glaciers.

•Jokkmokk Municipality Norrbotten County, Sweden


Pristine landscape with Finland’s highest mountain, Halti Fell, and a patchwork of rivers. Enjoy the tough but rewarding Nordkalottleden Trail to reach the foot of Halti Fell and then conquer the mountain. There’s an easier trail from Kilpisjärvi village which goes to the top of the iconic Saana Fell. Käsivarsi’s beautiful arctic scenery includes a range of animals and mountain plants — remember to bring mosquito repellent, there are big bloodsuckers here too. Don’t be put off though — it’s a rare and special place.

•Enontekiö, Lapland, Finland


The world’s northernmost whisky distillery welcomes you! In a truly spectacular setting at mouth of a fjord in Lyngen, the founders of Aurora Spirit use products based on local herbs, berries and melted glacier water to make a variety of beverages under the brand name Bivrost. Manager, Tor Petter W. Christensen says, ”’Biv’ is Norse, meaning trembling, while ’rost’ is the Norse word for path. This is what the Vikings named the aurora borealis. They thought it had to be a magical bridge connecting Midgard, the home of the humans, to Asgard, the home of the gods.” Bivrost will be ready for sale on November 30th this year.

•Årøybuktnesset 449060 Lyngseidet, Norway


Enjoy a guided river trip or pan for old gold in the biggest national park in Finland. Covering 2,850 square kms, Lemmenjoki is an unspoiled wilderness where visitors can view the Northern Lights in winter or bask in the Midnight Sun in summer. There are three huts you can book and pay for and over 10 free huts in the park.

•Lemmenjoen kylätie 10799870 Inari, Finland


Ride a Cold War era funicular railway inside a mountain. Originally a radar monitor station for NATO in the 50s, now a 15-minute train ride takes visitors through the dark depths of the mountain to the top where you can enjoy Norwegian waffles with sweeping views of the landscape.

•Svineroi, Rjukan 3660,

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