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Pernille Ski Torp

Pernille works for Haglöfs Norway and is based in Oslo but she still gets out there and skis at least once a week. Popular on Instagram and always eager for discovery — ”every day I'm looking for a new adventure” — Pernille gives us her view of the Scandes.


What do you love about the Scandes? — I do love that the mountains go from the fjords to the mountains. The mountains are just so majestic... it’s almost absurd to see something that beautiful.

What is your favourite season there — when are the mountains are at their best?— Oh, that’s not easy to choose, but you have the winter though – that’s when the mountains look extra spectacular, with snow on the peaks. That’s something special. And I do love to ski from these peaks, so I definitely choose the winter season. But the summers are just magical as well, when you look down at the green water and you don’t feel like you’re at home in Norway. That’s extremely beautiful!

Can you recommend any particular trails? — Yes, I can recommend many. You have trails that go over a few mountains in Lofoten, otherwise you have my favourites up to Vågakallen, which is a day trip as it’s one of the highest mountains in Lofoten. This is a bit more demanding for the man in the street, but super fine and of course with a nice view. Festvågtind in Henningsvær is an easier and shorter trip, but with a lovely view. I haven't walked the Geitgaljen without skis, but I really want to, it's lovely. Absolutely fantastic when touring with skis, with an amazing view of the beautiful Lofoten.

Is there a certain spot you know with wonderful scenery? — Geitgaljen as recommended before. There you have the unique view. Preferably in the winter when the mountains are covered with snow. It's like an adventure!

Do you have a favourite village in the surrounding area? — You have a small nice harbour area in Lofoten called Svolvær, but this is not a city. It’s super cool and cosy. Otherwise you have Tromsø a little further north – there are even more majestic mountains and it’s a cosy town. Definitely worth the trip there.

Where is the best hotel or place to stay when visiting the Scandes? — In Lofoten you have many beautiful rorbu hotels. It’s the most beautiful place to stay when you are there. Solsiden Brygge, Nusfjord Arctic Resort or the Brygge hotel in Henningsvær – There is a lot to choose from just in Lofoten. When you live in a little fisherman’s style cabin, you know the small red cabins by the sea, then I feel that you get a whole packed experience from your stay in Lofoten.

Is there a restaurant or café around there that you love to visit? — Oh yes, In Henningsvær, where I live, there’s a café/restaurant called Klatrekafeen and a café called Lysstøperiet. They’re so cosy and nice. Everyone needs to go there when they’re here.

You’re craving a period of solitude and decide to spend some quality time alone in the mountains – which area would you go? — I would always choose a place in Lofoten. That’s where I find the calm and always enjoy the nice moments. As mentioned, there are many nice places here, so it’s just choosing. Lofoten does something to me, I find much more calmness up there. I’m just as fascinated every time I go out the door from home and see how lucky I am.

What would an ideal day in the Scandes be like for you? — It must be a great touring day with many good friends — a day that will never be forgotten! Sharing a good skiing experience with friends is one of the best days, but of course it can be a lovely summer trip, when the water is greener and looks absolutely magical. Then you end such a day around a campfire with a good atmo-sphere and perhaps with the Northern Lights dancing over the sky. •

Pernilles Scandes

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