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Per Jonsson

Per knows sections of the Scandes like the back of his hands. As Marketing Manager for Lapland Resorts, which run two of Sweden’s best ski destinations, Björkliden and Riksgränsen, he knows what visitors to the mountain range want... ”People come here to see the mountains and their magnitude, for real and without the crowds.”


What do you love about the Scandes?— I love the enormous landscapes. That you can walk forever without meeting anyone. You are alone in the wildernesses. I love the feeling of homeland.

What is your favourite season there — when are the mountains at their best? — I love all the seasons. Every season has its own specialty. As I’m a skier, the winter has a special place in my heart.

Is there a certain spot you know with wonderful scenery? — The top of Vassitjokka is definitely worth a visit. Thehike to the top is peaceful. You walk with skins and travel quietly. The way up is not too steep. Everyone can do it, almost. When you reach the top of the mountain the view is amazing... stunning. You have a 360-degree view and you feel like king of the world. Below your feet you can see Riksgränsen. To the left Voitasrita and to the right Rohkunborri in the distance. A memory for life.

Do you have a favourite village in the surrounding area? — 500 metres from the Norwegian border you will find Riksgränsen. The last resort... so many stories and rumours about this place. It’s wild and natural. In Riksgränsen there is almost nothing besides one hotel and some skilifts. It’s lonely and peaceful. It’s you, the mountains and the wilderness. It’s all you need.

Where is the best hotel or place to stay when visiting the Scandes? — There are many places but if you're looking for wilderness, peacefulness and amazing landscapes you should visit Riksgränsen. Riksgränsen is the place and the name of the hotel. The hotel is the only place you can stay there, or if you have a caravan there’s the parking lot below the hotel. Its remote and wild. Riksgränsen is the freeride Mecca for skiers and the Eldorado for sledders. If you do not like to ski or sled you can of course ice fish, dog-sled or just walk around on touring skis. The possibilities are endless if you like winter activities. During summer the hotel is closed and you’ll have to bring your tent and sleep outside. The fishing is awesome and also the hiking possibilities.

You’re craving a period of solitude and decide to spend some quality time alone in the mountains — which area would you go? — I should go home. Again, home to Riksgränsen. It’s the place where I can find harmony in life. Where I do not feel stressed or the need to deliver anything. I can be myself. All my friends are there. My caravan has been there for 20 years. The mountains are there and I feel safe and at home.

Is there a restaurant or café around there that you love to visit? — Visit Metrologen ski lodge or our friends at Niekhu Hotel. Great food and hospitality.

What would an ideal day in The Scandes be like for you? — Wake up early. Big cup of coffee. Meet up with a friend and head out into the mountains. Big smiles all day without stress and cellphones. Just us and the mountains. End the day with good food and tasteful wines. •

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