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Frederik Lentz Andersen’s guide to Copenhagen

Enjoying a lengthy career in the fashion industry, including over a decade in front of the camera, Frederik Andersen is still going strong as the Senior Fashion Director for Eurowoman and Euroman.

Words Nick Rice Photography Simon Birk

How long have you lived in Copenhagen?

— I grew up on Søtorvet in the heart of Copenhagen, overlooking the Lakes and Dronning Louise’s bridge.

What do you love about the city?

— I love that Copenhagen both offers the variety of gastronomic and cultural experiences a large city ought to, yet in a social scale it seems to have the size of a smaller town. I mean growing up and primarily living here my entire life, I know an insane amount of people. It feels safe in a good way.

What is your favourite time of the year?

— When spring meets summer. The city is vibrant, the girls glow, the bicycles take over the streets, Distortion and Copenhagen Jazz Festival take up the public space, no one has yet left the city for summer holidays. Everyone sticks together.

Best place for business lunch?

— Hotel Sanders. Both the rooftop conservatory and Sanders Kitchen offer a great balance between cosy, charming and an overall fine setting of genuinely good taste.

Favourite place for a Sunday walk?

— I enjoy walking from Islands Brygge to Christiania. The route around the backside of the lake that surrounds Christiania is a cultural eye opener. Continue to Refshaleøen and finish off with a light meal at Lille bakery. That’s one tasty trip.

You want to blow 10,000 Kroner— where are you going?

— I shop at STORM, Norse Store, Mads Nørgaard, Wood Wood, Collage shop at Illum, Prada, Paul Smith, Hermes and OSV to get dressed. I’d go to &Tradition, The Apartment or Etage Projects to equip my home.

Your favourite nature escape?

— I love starting my mornings at Kayak Republic with a handful of friends. We take the kayaks around the canals of Copenhagen for two to three hours while watching Copenhagen slowly wake up.

Your preferred galleries and museums?

— Galleries like V1, Eighteen, Nils Stærk or Andersen Contemporary are among my favourites, but of course SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst) whom we at Euroman and Eurowoman have collaborated with on our biannual art review, VÆRK, is a must.

What would an ideal day in Copenhagen look like for you?

— After dropping off my kids at school in Vesterbro I swing by my favourite coffee spot, Prolog in Kødbyen. Meetings in the centre, a lunch at Admiralgade 26. I’ll go and pick up my kids and we’ll all go out for an early dinner at Mangia, Granola, Les Trois Cochons, Pizzaria 54 or Italo Disco.

Frederik’s Copenhagen Hotel Sanders, Tordenskjoldsgade 15,

Lille Bakery, Refshalevej 213B,

Storm, Store Regnegade 1,

Norse Store, Pilestræde 41,

Mads Nørgaard, Amagertorv 13–15,

Wood Wood, Grønnegade 1,

&tradition, Kronprinsessegade 4,

The Apartment, Overgaden Neden Vandet 33,

Etage Projects, Borgergade 15E,

Kayak Republic, Børskaj 12,

Prolog, Høkerboderne 16,

Italo Disco, Oehlenschlægersgade 5,