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Our Legacy

If Bohemian Rhapsody was a person and Oscar Wilde was a garment it would probably be one of the models walking in Our Legacy’s AW19.

Styling Robin Douglas Westling Words Justina Hüll Photography Lucas Frisk Bergqvist

The Swedish success story started off in 2005 with making t-shirts and graphic prints but is today one of the most talked about menswear brands.

This season the collection “Chambre Séparée” invites us to a youthful depravation in a bourgeois setting. If one would be political one might almost think that the collection comments the political state of today were traditionalism is making a great comeback. But the visual aesthetics whispers speak louder of bohemian liberalism with purposefully off-fitted shaped and artistic eccentricity.

Surely all lovers of art will want to pair their baroque shirts from this collection with a bottle of red wine and literary societies. If Oscar Wilde was here surely, he would probably claim that this collection is: art for art’s sake.