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It has been said that there’s beauty in the imperfections. But it has rarely been as beautiful as when CMMN SWDN highlights imperfections by bringing light to the landscape of damage that’s been made to a garment.

Styling Robin Douglas Westling Words Justina Hüll Photography Lucas Frisk Bergqvist

Hand me downs are reimagined through careful tailoring, elongated lengths, and awkward proportions. Founded by Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund around six years ago, the label has grown quickly internationally.

For this collection, they found their inspiration in hand-me-downs and the scarring of inherited clothing. Unraveled knitwear has become a natural focal point as it is a demand in the Woolmark competition to make garments out of merino wool. Altogether, the collection evokes a feeling of a lived-in wardrobe, painted by crumpled viscose, creased denim and cracked leather. In the same way raw as it is fragile, very much like life.