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”We are having momentum right now”

We speak to Han Kjøbenhavn’s founder Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen about showing at Paris Fashion Week, being picky with collaboration partners and why PUMA is a perfect match and the new joint collection Project 4.

He’s a graphic designer by education and worked as creative director at different advertising agencies before founding Han Kjøbenhavn.

— It was a different route into the world of fashion, but I see a lot of parallels between the two worlds; they’re both about telling aesthetic stories and create feelings, he says.

With Han Kjøbenhavn, he tries to create a universe and tell stories in whatever they do.

— Our short films, campaigns, and collections — they all tell a story. They often have their origin in my own life and upbringing in suburban Copenhagen. In a design process, I always start from my own perspective and it develops from there. It brings us a different aesthetic from many others — something contemporary, but with a kind of social realistic and honest touch.

Last January saw the brand’s first show at Paris Fashion Week. That is completely in line with Davidsen’s vision and ambition: to build the first real Danish fashion house that innovates and extends the borders of what Danish fashion can do globally.

— In our world you can’t build an ambitious international fashion house without showing your work in Paris — it is absolutely essential for the next step of Han Kjøbenhavn.

Han Kjøbenhavn, he says, are really picky with their collaborations and only involve themselves if they feel that they can fully contribute with something relevant.

— In PUMA we found a perfect matching partner; they’ve trusted us all the way and gave us the freedom to let our creative process flow, which led to the success of our partnership.

And you just launched the latest drop, Project 4?

— Yes, it has clear references to retro sportswear and the 90s techno scene. It’s inspired by my teenage years and the collection and campaign is a homage to some of the aesthetics and human influence throughout those years.

How’s the business?

— In 2016 we introduced our womenswear and it already comprises a significant part of our business. We are having momentum right now and the brand and numbers are growing. So the key thing is to keep strengthening our foundations, to ensure that the structure is capable of supporting our growing business, but still insist on being creative and courageous while growing.

And what more will we see from you?

— The second drop of my personal co-creative ”Alteration” project with PUMA is just around the corner. But a lot of my focus is on the next catwalk show in Paris in June, Davidsen says.

Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Project 4 collection
Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn
CELL Venom HAN is Han Kjøbenhavn’s interpretation of PUMA’s 90s original sneaker in the new drop