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Turning beds into couture

We speak to acclaimed Swedish fashion designer Lars Nilsson about his collab with iconic Hästens.

Lars Nilsson was born in Sweden and at 18-19 years he moved to Paris. Since then, he’s studied and worked in the fashion industry, especially with haute couture.

– The French nature fascinated me, the craftsmanship and skilled production of making items in high quality. It is one of the reasons why I moved to Paris, he says.

– Besides fashion and clothing, I have always had an interest in art, music, and culture. This interest has lead me to many other projects. Throughout the years, I have been collecting things – for example, I did an exhibition at Hallwylska in Stockholm, with my private collection of haute couture hats. The collection and exhibition is something many found surprising. And last year I did a textile collection with Svensk Tenn.

How did this collab come to life?

– Hästens approached me during the summer of 2018 and asked if I was interested in meeting them and the possibility of doing a collaboration. I was invited to go to Köping and the headquarter of Hästens. It was a fantastic experience. It was fascinating to see how they make their beds and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

– Of course, when you work on a project like this, it’s more than just the design behind the product. The technique behind the production of bed linen differs from textile production in the fashion industry, its different loomes and factories. It has been very exciting working with Hästens.

How has the process been?

– Really great! This is a part of the creating process I like. You start off with an idea and a design. But once you start working with the manufactures and the people that will make the product and the idea come to life, you find different techniques and new possibilities.

Tell us about the Iris collection.

– It needs to work really well with Hästens philosophy and their iconic blue and white check. I started working with different prints and designs. But I ended up back at my original design idea. All prints I have done works really well with the blue check. But it can also be beautifully mixed with white or in between themselves, pillows in one pattern, and duvet in another.

And which is your own favourite product?

– The print called Daisy.

Is this a ”one shot”, or a start of several different collections?

It started as one collaboration and its been going really well. We are talking about doing more of different products and designs. It is still early to say, but I think it’s going to be an ongoing collaboration. The collection comes out in April and will be available for three years.

What more will we see from you in 2019?

– I have been working a lot with interiors. My collaboration with Svensk Tenn will be continuing. I have designed a new collection of rugs for Vandra Rugs which was presented in Paris at MAISON&OBJET the other week. I also have some fashion project ideas, but it is still early. It’s a secret that will be unveiled soon.

Lars Nilsson.
The Iris collection by Lars Nilsson for Hästens.