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When the gym turned into a boutique gym and new athleisure brand earn great reception from picky professionals

A new year, new resolutions and a new kind of gym plus a new activewear brand to help you through it.

When the gym turned into a boutique gym

Forget about the gym as you know it, when the boutique gyms are now ready to help you with your new year resolutions. But, how do you define it?

– A boutique as opposed to a warehouse, is smaller, with a more specialized range of what is offered. Often, a very intimate place, where people are recurring customers, known by first name, by what they prefer from the menu and by the sound of their laughter. To us, a boutique gym is the same. We aspire to have all our trainers know your name, your personal needs and limitations and most importantly, know why you train. That way we can give you our best, so that you can be yours, says duo Waldo Zapata och Louise Sondlo, who expanded with a second location for their boutique gym concept SPR Athlete Factory last fall.

– The concept grew out the experience Waldo accumulated in his career as an active and competitive martial arts athlete. Spending his entire life in the not so sophisticated martial arts environment, the base premise was to suck it up and train around injuries. Recuperation was trying to get over six hours of sleep. Luxury was not having to shower again when you got home, after nervously taking a shower in a less than nice gym shower.

– Simply put, he grew older and everything changed.

Waldo injured his neck really bad during a competition and the road back made him realize what he knew and didn’t know about actual training. He studied and started developing a training method, tried it on different people and in different environments, scouted for competent trainers and the concept slowly evolved into what it is today: a broad training concept consisting of many different group classes, all united by base values and priorities and the structural framework.

– Adding to the training concept is the idea of the meaningfulness of starting your recuperation instantly after finishing your workout. We do this by offering a very thought through training facility, where most people feel as if they can rest both their body and their mind. The finishing touch is creating a community where people feel appreciated, welcome and stimulated. And proud! We really are proud of what we do and we really want our members to feel that too.

What makes you so special?

– What makes anything special? Authenticity. We may have a nice package, but the core is the thing: true physical conditioning in its peak form together with the most solid expression of our core Martial Art, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. All our coaches literally live and breathe what they do!

At the moment, you run two gyms in Stockholm. What are your future plans? Expand abroad?

– Basically, we have two goals: Give people a chance to make themselves better, happier and healthier. And, secondly, make sure it’s not just a local thing… Sondlo and Zapata says.

SPR’s latest gym is located in a 700 m² former school building at Eriksbergsgatan in Stockholm.

New athleisure brand earn great reception from picky professionals

And what to wear for your next exercise? Entrepreneur Wilhelmina Tryst quitted her job within the textile industry to add an exciting newcomer to the ever-growing activewear segment.

– Tryst is functional and comfortable wear, that looks just as good whether you are on the tennis court or enjoy a lazy Sunday at home. The Tryst man is style conscious, works out regularly and looks for function and quality.

How would you describe your first collection?

– It has a less sporty look and feel, which make the clothes suitable to wear outside training, but still, the function is very good so they work perfectly fine for whatever activity you choose. We’ve seen great feedback from several influential active guys, who all are super picky on what they wear when exercising. The colour scheme is muted and the colours are solid, no prints.

And which is your favourite product?

– Definitely the shorts. I’ve learned that it’s difficult to find shorts that both fits good and are flexible, but our shorts meet all those requirements and come in nice colours with a great length and with or without inner pants, Tryst says.

SPR Athlete Factory in Stockholm and shorts from Tryst.