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Tailored curtains with a patterned twist and the new fragrance for the longer nights to come

Tailored curtains with a patterned twist

Interior label Gotain offers tailored high-quality curtains made by hand in an atelier in Sweden. Before launching one year ago, founder Eleonora Cantera drew the major part of the inspiration for her product pictures from one of Stockholm’s leading interior stores, Dusty Deco. They became their first retailer and the next common step is a new collaboration line with curtains, inspired by the latter’s carpets collection, mixing different patterns in pink, grey, and sand colours.

Available now on

A fragrance for the longer nights to come

Swedish skincare label Björk & Berries celebrate the night and the nocturnal animals with the new, softer unisex perfume Moonflower, inspired by the rare fringed orchid, attracting moths where it’s growing on the wet moors in northern Sweden. The launch includes a design collab with artist Anna Lewenhaupt, featuring perfume boxes, drawings, and posters.

– For us, Moonflower is a symbol of the secrets of the Swedish nature as well as a tribute to the creators practicing and exploring the world and their own creativity during the nights. Anna Lewenhaupt is one of these artist souls whom we’re really happy to highlight in this collab, says Björk & Berries Creative Director Hanna Lundgren.

The line of artworks is available April 12 on

The happiest swimwear around

Famous for turning socks and underwear into something stylish and joyful, Happy Socks are now dipping their toes into swimwear for the first time. The new line consists of a colourful selection and vibrant and tropical prints of swim shorts for men in six distinctive designs, crafted from a careful blend of synthetic fibers to minimize creases, sun bleaching and handle the summertime wear and tear like a breeze.

Available now in Happy Socks’ concept stores, at selected retailers and online at

April 10, 2018

Also more on the happiest swimwear around for this spring.

Happy Socks new swimwear range, sketches from Anna Lewenhaupt's artwork for Björk & Berries, and Gotain's curtain collab with Dusty Deco.