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”Personally, I try to eat only greens once a week and my small kids at home love it”

Stockholm’s food destination Boqueria restaurant switch their popular menu to a vegetarian one for one week, Helsinki-based FRENN once again join forces with award-winning artist for a creative collab, and Swedish power couple shows their love for each other – and for New Balance.

”Personally, I try to eat only greens once a week and my small kids at home love it”

One of Stockholm’s leading food destinations, tapas restaurant Boqueria, has done several special events since the opening in 2012. This week, they remove their, by every year increasingly popular, Spanish menu for a vegetarian one.

— Our previous events have focused on meat, game, and seafood but never 100% on vegetables. We see clearly how the trends are developing and wanted to follow them and present something that stands out. We know how to cook good food and really want to show our guests how flexible we can be. It’s also a very good season right now, says Fredrik Larsson, Executive Chef and Creative Director.

You mention the developing trends, which are the biggest ones at this point?

— Locally farmed, always in season, zero waste, and as little footprints on the environment as possible. And, last but not least, a bigger awareness of the health aspect of things.

How can we manage to eat even more vegetarian food?

— Try to find products in season! Asparagus during the spring, mushrooms after the summer. Logical. Also, don’t think about vegetarian food as something that is lacking a product. Good vegetables are equally as good as a perfect steak or fish. Personally, I try to eat only greens once a week. My small kids at home love it, says Larsson.

How will you continue your work with vegetarian food?

— We will do a survey after the week is done and see what our guest feedback is. A lot of the dishes will probably hit our regular menu. During the summer months, we will have lighter dishes on the menu where vegetables are perfect.

FRENN x Stig Baumgartner

Antti Laitinen and Jarkko Kallio have over twenty years experience in the textile and clothing industry and founded Helsinki-based FRENN in 2013, before opening their first flagship in their native city last spring. The brand offers a menswear line filled with relaxed sophistication and spiced with a sporty and contemporary feel.

Continuously inspired by art and architecture, they considered it to be natural to continue last season’s creative collaboration with award-winning artist, painter and friend Stig Baumgartner with another drop. The artist’s rough sketches, which never ended up becoming finished paintings, have been the inspiration for FRENN’s SS19. Bright blue is the key colour for details in shirts, prints, and sweatshirts, as well as in Baumgartner’s two-piece capsule collection.

Power couple in New Balance’s new campaign

For the Nordic launch of the iconic 990 v5 sneaker, New Balance teams up with Scandinavian profiles Trine Kjaer, Mads Axelsen, Freja Wewer, Karoline Dall, and Anna Lotterud to illustrate the everlasting relationships in a series of images shot by photographer Frida Vega Salomonsson within the concept My Better Half. Also included is Swedish power couple, stylist Hilda Sandström and photographer Ludvig Rönn.

The concept explores the essence and beauty of the rare relationships among true partners. Whether it’s a sibling, friend, co-worker or lover. The thrill relies on defining your true better half. Who is he or she? Who’s the person you call even though you don’t have anything to say? Who’s the someone that still keeps up with you despite your bad morning attitude or when hangry? Who’s that person you’d say know you better than yourself?

— For the release of the new 990 v5 we wanted to create a timeless take on an iconic style. The concept My Better Half certainly plays with the spirit in one of our most significant styles, the 990v5, says Hanna Löfberg, Marketing Manager at New Balance.

FRENN x Stig Baumgartner, Hilda Sandström and Ludvig Rönn in New Balance’s new campaign, and truffle at Boqueria restaurant’s vegetarian week in Stockholm.