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New collab brings the purple velvet tracksuit to the gym

+ more on the world’s first digital clothing line, the tailoring start-up success expanding the range, and a new way of peeling to renew your skin.

New collab brings the purple velvet tracksuit to the gym

Swedish designer sportswear concept Casall is expanding to both the U.S. and the UK with a new take on what to wear for your next workout. Their second collaboration collection with L.A.-based personal trainer Magnus Lygdbäck – who’s worked with Katy Perry, Alicia Vikander, Britney Spears, Alexander Skarsgård, and counting – has just hit the stores, designed to bridge the gap between what you wear on the gym and outside.

– It’s easier to find truly well-designed sportswear in Scandinavia than outside, Lygdbäck states. When I’ve travelled the world with my great interest in fashion and clothing, it feels great to once again bring Casall’s Swedish design, heritage, and genuine quality out to the world.

The new capsule comes with T-shirts, tank tops, bomber jackets, tights with a birch print – and a limited edition purple velvet tracksuit.

– It was first designed in blue [which will also be launched December 13], but when I saw the purple colour in Casall’s women’s mainline, I had to include it. So, we produced 30 of it, plus a few more which I’ve sent to Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, Lukas Graham, and Samuel L. Jackson. The fabric looks heavy but is, in fact, light and breathable, which once again reflects on Casall’s incredible heritage on sourcing the right materials.

Which is your favourite product?

– The light black bomber jacket is a great mix of quality, function, and design, and works just as good for a meeting as when you’re going for a run afterward – just like the entire collection.

Tailoring start-up success expanding the range

Danish Son of a Tailor has had a huge success developing the world’s first made-to-measure t-shirt, using its Ideal Size Algorithm to find the perfect fit for each customer. The brand has explored the t-shirt, adding polos, long sleeve t-shirts, wool t-shirts and pique t-shirts to the classic cotton model. This week, they present a new and improved sizing system – and a new layer. Enter the sweatshirt.

Made of 100% Californian Supima cotton [just like the original t-shirts], it’s created on the basis of over 1000 customers’ thoughts on sweatshirts. The vision is to put an end to the often bulky and unflattering looks of sweatshirts, and instead offer a new wardrobe staple just as comfortable, sleek and well-fitting as the t-shirts.

A new way of peeling to renew your skin

Norwegian skin- and haircare label Eleni & Chris has a clear vision: to bring Scandinavian beauty to the world. Their brand new Peeling Pen is a new and smart way to exfoliate the skin. The ingredients rebuild the skin and are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

The product comes in a 10-pack, making it very easy to use and convenient to travel with. It should be used 1-2 times per week for optimal results. Or, in order to get the right glow, use it every other day for 10 days. The ingredient list includes cloudberry extract, a glycolic acid which gently removes dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, a lactic acid which softens skin and evens out skin tone and hydrolyzed collagen that restores moisture in the skin, counteracts dryness, and firms skin.

When using it, carefully swipe the pen along the skin from the center of the face in an outward motion and leave on for 10 minutes – no need to rinse – to allow the product to penetrate the skin before applying serum and moisturizer.

Star chef creating the world’s slowest course, set to be finished in 2020

Den Gyldene Freden, located in Stockholm’s Old town, is Sweden’s oldest restaurant, and with a history that goes back to 1722, it might even be one of the oldest in the world. After many years in the shadows of the city’s flourishing food scene, star chef Filip Fastén aims to bring back the former glory, starting next year. However, this week he started working on a course in a new project, celebrating that proper food should take time. The recipe includes carrots which have first grown and now will get “cooked” during 16 months in the heat from a manure pile. The course is set to be served at the beginning of 2020.

The world’s first completely digital clothing line

10% of the world’s CO2 emissions come from the clothing industry. And Instagram has clearly changed it during the last few years, where hashtag #OOTD (outfit of the day) has been used more than 216 million times. Recent studies show that many products are purchased only to be shown once on social media.

To explore the future of fashion, Scandinavian retailer Carlings present the world’s first truly online-only collection Neo-Ex, using digital tailors and 3D designers. It works in four steps:

  1. You buy the product.
  2. You upload a picture using the pose on how you want the product to fit.
  3. Carlings’ 3D-designers put the piece on the picture, making it look like you’re wearing it in real life.
  4. You get the picture, ready to publish online.

All proceeds are donated to WaterAid in order to highlight the clothing industry’s huge annual water consumption – 7 billion liters.

Carlings' completely digital collection and the purple velvet tracksuit from the new Casall x Magnus capsule collection.
Son of a Tailor's new sweatshirt.
Eleni & Chris' new Peeling Pen.
Star chef Filip Fastén.