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How to create “the new Netflix for cars” and Mads Nørgaard meets Randy

Also more on the Danish brand’s new initiative to save the local artisan product making in Copenhagen.

“We’re the next Netflix for cars”

Founded in Sweden at the end of 2015, car company Lynk & Co realized they needed to create something extra.

– Should we create a new car brand? Does the world need another one? Our answer to those questions was no – there are way too many car brands and car out there, says CEO Alain Vissier. The car industry has looked the same for more than 100 years. We’re dinosaurs, still discussing horsepowers and 0-100, while the new customers don’t care about that. The cellphone industry has changed more in 5 years than we have during the last 50. So, instead of starting with the car, we started with the customer. What does he or she want today? They demand a different kind of mobility, they don’t expect to wait for their new car for four months, and there’s quite a lot of hatred from customers in a business said to be customer-oriented. American surveys have shown that young Americans rather go to the dentist than to a car salesman.

What do you do differently?

– Let’s make it clear that we’re not here to disrupt only to disrupt. The difference is that our competitors sell cars – we sell mobility. We’re the Netflix or Spotify for cars. Trying to be cool is not so cool, but we’re a little different with our average age in the company being 34 and when 50% of the employers are women.

The first car, Lynk & Co 01, was presented in Berlin late 2016 followed by one more launch in Hongkong.

– The first cars hit the market this winter and immediately broke sales record for a new car brand in China, says Vissier.

The third launch – oddly enough named 02 – was held in Amsterdam the other week, and Andreas Nilsson, Head of Design, explains the inspiration behind it.

– We knew what size it should be and hired a lot of young designers straight out of school, that is not so old school, to the team. We ended up with one inspiration from racing, rally inspiration, Gran Turismo, and gaming, and one sexier, more emotional with more attitude and a slightly aggressive undertone. Interior wise it is more wrapped around you and engaging.

Lynk & Co will launch their first cars in Europe in one and a half year through their own stores in capitals all over the continent and through 20 different pop-up stores touring around in smaller cities with more than 700 activations each year.

– If you prefer, you can subscribe to the car and only pay for it when you need it. And since we always have cars in stock, we’re the only car company that – as long as you have the insurance – you can drive it home the same day, says Vissier.

Mads Nørgaard meets Randy

Two of the leading Danish menswear brands release a collab capsule today. Randy for Mads Nørgaard is very much in line with the former’s universe, inspired by uniforms and consists of knitwear, t-shirts, a hooded sweatshirt, and a pair of pants. In addition to the joined collection, Randy founder Adrian Soelberg will be showcasing some of his previous designs, which will be sold as showpieces in the store.

Available in Mads Nørgaard’s shop at Strøget from today, April 13

Won Hundred x Lædersmeden

A few blocks away from Strøget, at Ny Østergade in Copenhagen, Danish denim brand Won Hundred believes that their local community flourishes with talented craftsmen and workshops, who deserves praise from a wider audience. They also admire authenticity and artisan product making and now initiates the new Support Your Local Heroes project. As a denim brand, they thought it was natural to tie their universe together with cowboy boots in a new collaboration with a local family owned establishment named Lædersmeden – translates to “The Leathersmith” – who has a proud history and rich traditions. Since its opening in 1977, it has both created and distributed own designs, as well as special productions for other brands and individuals. The new capsule collection consists of seven handmade unisex cowboy boots in limited quantities, which are now available online and in the Won Hundred Copenhagen flagship store.

Address: Ny Østergade 25. More on

Won Hundred x Lædersmeden and Mads Nørgaard meets Randy.
Alain Vissier.