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Global success Sandqvist launching collabs with Volvo and iconic Morakniv and Wegner’s Y Chair in eight brand new ways

+ more on the unique Margiela exhibition now hitting Scandinavia.

Global success Sandqvist launching collabs with Volvo and iconic Morakniv

Sandqvist came to life as an experimental design project, started by Anton Sandqvist in his basement-turned-studio back in 2004. It was then a response to the lack of well-crafted, well-designed functional bags on offer at the time. With a background in mechanical engineering and his new insight into heavy-duty sewing, he joined forces with his brother Daniel and their childhood friend Sebastian to launch their Scandinavian brand and disrupt the status-quo on what functionality means to design.

– Today we’re best known for blending classic silhouettes with contemporary and sustainable materials to create long-lasting, everyday bags, Co-Founder and Brand Director Daniel Sandqvist says. Value is vital to our brand, not just for our customers at a price level, but for our partners in our supply chain and our planet and its resources. Our bags should be fair for everyone and by using organic cotton, vegetable tanned leather, innovatively recycled synthetic materials and running repair shops in our stores – we hope to show that combining quality, style and doing good is possible in our industry.

You’ve had a huge global success, can you explain why?

– It was always our dream to share our Scandinavian heritage and aesthetics with the world, and our grassroot beginnings were made possible by our customers sharing our designs and spreading the word. Being a boutique brand on a global level was hard work, but we always believed that if we just stayed true to our vision and never compromised on our values then we would always stay true to the brand and we could just focus on creating products we love. Today we are represented in 35 countries, with our biggest markets being in the Nordics and Europe. Our largest customer bases are in Sweden, UK, Germany, and France. Our goal is to have a turnover of 10 million Euros in 2018.

Which are the key men’s products in your current range?

– We have several that we see as current favourites for our different customer groups, ranging from our professional line to our outdoor function or urban hybrid concepts. For the professional have our premium leather briefcases that are vegetable tanned – meaning they are created to age beautifully. For those who want to blend minimalism with function we have Hege, which combines cotton canvas with leather for that sleek Scandinavian monochrome look. Finally, for the ones who seek out design we have updated our Urban Outdoor range to include four new styles that blend contemporary builds with heritage detail – our roll-top Bernt is currently leading the pack.

You now launch your collab with Volvo.

– Yes, we have a collaborative history with Volvo. In fact, you can watch a video of us on our website testing out the previous collab with a canoe trip down the Valmen river in Härjedalen, so we were excited to join forces again. Bringing together two design studios from two very different industries might seem odd at first, but it comes together beautifully. We share the same source of inspiration – the vast Nordic landscapes that roll untouched through Sweden. The result is a capsule collection focused on intelligent design and crafted from sustainable materials built to last a lifetime.

And at the same time, your Forest and Shelter capsule with iconic knife company Morakniv drops?

– It has always been a dream to work with such an iconic brand, and we actually contacted them over 10 years ago about designing a knife together, but we did not have enough time to do it properly then. Instead we waited until 2017 to contact them again, and this time the result was fantastic. Morakniv is a super inspiring company, with an amazing history and local connection. Visiting their production in Mora is really inspiring, Sandqvist states, continuing,

– We have created a range of products designed for carrying and storing carving knives as well as for outdoor activities and kitchen use. When brainstorming the products, wood carving and classic interior design were used as a starting point, combining the core values of both brands; function, craftsmanship, sustainability, and quality. All products are named after significant places around Morakniv’s 
home town, Mora, and decorated with an embossed Sandqvist x Morakniv symbol of forest and shelter.

And what’s next coming for you?

– In January, we are launching the unique, premium Light collection – for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Wegner’s Y Chair in eight brand new ways

With Danish Carl Hansen & Son celebrating 110 years, they present the iconic CH24 Y Chair in eight new colours. Made by ”The Chair Master” Hans J. Wegner, who enjoyed experimenting with the shapes, the fabrics, and the colours, the company aims to express this icon’s various different expressions. The new colours are rooted in nature’s different elements, such as the forest and the beach, and includes Rosy Blush, Russet Red, Deep Burgundy, Navy Blue, Oyster Grey, Forest Green, Midnight Blue and Deep Olive.

Available now until the end of the year.

Unique Margiela exhibition hits Scandinavia

Last weekend, art space Artipelag outside of Stockholm arranged Robyn’s intimate comeback concert, celebrating her brand new album. They’re now devoting its autumn and winter season to a retrospective of one of the most remarkable collaborations in fashion: when cutting-edge Belgian designer Martin Margiela teamed up with Parisian house Hermès.

Between 1997 and 2003, Martin Margiela was appointed by Jean-Louis Dumas, then CEO of Hermès, as artistic director of the Parisian house women’s ready-to-wear collections. This collaboration turned out to be one of the most exciting in fashion history, and it is now presented in the exhibition Margiela, The Hermès Years.

It was originally curated by Kaat Debo and Martin Margiela, for the MoMu (Fashion Museum Antwerp) in 2017. For Artipelag, creations from Martin Margiela’s own label and his designs for Hermès are juxtaposed as two different translations of the same vision. The display features a succession of themed sequences with over 100 outfits, photographs and short films in a circuit in which Hermès orange interacts with the white of the Maison Martin Margiela. This helps visitors to understand the creative process that navigates seamlessly between the two houses and their identities.

On display until March 2019.