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Edgy Latin-Asian fusion restaurant expanding to Europe

Also more on the skincare legend’s personal favourite product. And, after three years of development and 274 prototypes: this brand says they’ve created the perfect pants.

Edgy Latin-Asian fusion restaurant expanding to Europe

Following the YUC Mexican restaurant at Odenplan in the Vasastan district in Stockholm, that has won people’s heart through the cozy interior, loud urban and Latin music, loving staff, and awesome tacos, the sister restaurant YUC LatAsian is adding something completely different to the capital’s popular Mood district.

– It is edgy and global with a luxurious interior and a well-thought-out concept, a fusion of two continents and inspired by Mexico, Peru, Japan, and Korea, says owner Faje Gani. The food is a mashup of flavours, colours, and ingredients from these four countries but with a modern gastronomic touch. The interior and the vibe is modern and international with subtle music and DJs on the weekends for the extra pulse.

The entire Scandinavian restaurant scene is booming, what makes you unique?

– Whoever steps into the restaurant feels that it’s not something ordinary, but a unique experience – what we call YUCXPERIENCE. Those who want an even more unexampled visit can book the Chef’s table with a special menu, where the chefs cook in an open kitchen for them to see our guests and our guests to see the magic happen.

What’s not to be missed on the menu?

– The dishes are meant to share so a dinner with the beef tataki, Korean tartar, tuna sashimi, and the Iberico tacos is a winner, also with the side dishes of nachos with sweetcorn cream and padrones to nibble on. Not be missed is to order a drink from the bar to accompany the food, where our amazing bar team have worked hard to bring out a well-thought-out menu filled with creative cocktails with special flavours and textures.

What else is not to be missed in Stockholm this summer?

– Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and since the weather has blessed us good the best thing is just being outside and get lost in the city. Or, second best, since the best is, of course, to sit on our huge terrace drinking Sake-Sangria with good friends.

And recently, you brought your concept abroad?

– Yes, we just opened Yuc Amsterdam. And more is coming!

After three years of development and 274 prototypes: this brand says they’ve created the perfect pants

Fashion label åäö sweden’s first product is really something extra. Their pants are 4-way-stretch and designed, cut, and sewn in Sweden, made from a Swiss high tech fabric for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

– We wanted to simplify our wardrobes and do more with less, says founder Rasmus Wellander. We had the need and longing for pants that were great-looking, comfortable and durable. The only problem was: there were no such pants. So we got together with some uncompromising people and together we made those pants. We tested them. At parties. At meetings. At weddings and funerals. Through all kinds of weather. On bike rides through Stockholm, on a motorbike across Europe and the US… Three years, 274 prototypes and a long, winding road towards perfection. The Pants are exactly what we’ve been longing for and that refuse to compromise are here.

And what’s so unique about them?

– The feeling of freedom throughout your day. Whether you’re traveling, working or just relaxing at home we want you to experience this freedom at all times. Combining refined looks with cutting-edge fabrics are two key factors, a relentless pursuit of perfection and attention to detail sure helps too. A true testament to their versatility is when we took them for a 13 000km motorbike ride through the U.S. and Europe. We brought our first prototype of The Pants – which has been improved considerably since – and they felt amazing no matter what we put them through; blazing heat in Arizona or pouring rain in the French Alps, that’s when we realized we had something great going.

New Norwegian edge

Oslo-based label Mardou&Dean is based on founders Ingrid Bredholt and Patrik Rosenfors’s interest in the arts with collections identified by their view on breaking clothing rules, with great emphasis on how the clothes are made and how they make you feel. This spring saw the launch of sub-label Souterrain, available in only a few selected stores, adding a lot of edge to the rapidly emerging Norwegian fashion scene.

A skincare legend’s personal favourite

At the age of 75 and drawing from more than 40 years’ experience in the skincare industry after the opening of his own spa in West Hollywood in 1975, Ole Henriksen is still going strong. Last year, the entire brand was relaunched introducing new designs on the entire product range, and the last winter saw media as well as end consumers literally go bananas on the launch of Banana Bright Eye Cream, that instantly sold out. The latest launch, C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème, is Ole’s personal favourite, with a light and fluffy consistency, giving moisture to the skin for 24 hours.

Art concept Artby, Mardou&Dean's sub label Souterrain AW18 campaign, and åäö sweden's pants.
The new Yuc LatAsian restaurant in central Stockholm.
C-Rush Brigthening Gel Crème from Ole Henriksen.