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Six places to leave for when in Stockholm

Hiking trails, lakes, and wildlife, a small, but lively, settlement in the Archipelago, and the home of the Swedish royal family, on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Words Nick Rice


Hiking trails, lakes and wild life.
This National Park is one of the largest untouched woodlands in Sweden outside the alpine areas. The pristine forest reveal a wealth of plants and animals. Swim in one of the lakes and check out the nature park information centre. — Tyresta Nationalpark, Vendelsö.


A picturesque idyll near Lake Mälaren.
The dramatic beauty of Gripsholm Castle looms over the beautiful town of Mariefred. There is plenty to see here, from the 16th century castle itself, which houses the Swedish State’s portrait collection, to the surrounding Lake Mälaren, the third-largest lake in Sweden. Getting there is also half the fun on the steamship Mariefred. Launched in 1903, it still sails the same route and lunch is served on board in a beautiful dining saloon.


A small, but lively, settlement in the Archipelago.
There are around 30,000 islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago. Sandhamn is one of the last before entering the Baltic Sea. Take a two-hour journey with Cinderella ferries and enjoy the views of small towns and countless forested islands along the way. On arrival, a great way to explore the island is to rent mountain bikes and/or kayaks. Small settlements are dotted with quaint red and white cottages and white sandy beaches are ideal for lazing in the warmer months. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, hotels and shops to visit. Unsurprisingly, Sandhamn is a popular hub for the sailing and yachting community with a lively party scene during the summer months. Other destinations in the vicinity that are also well worth a visit include Grinda, Vaxholm, Svartsö, Rödlöga and Möja. — Sandhamn.

More leave

Drottningholm palace — Home of the Swedish royal family, on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Skogskyrkogården — A cemetery known for its impressive architecture, a unesco World Heritage Site.

Saltsjöbadens friluftsbad — Open-air bathhouse in the suburb of Saltsjöbaden. Torben Gruts väg 8.

Tyresta National Park