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Rug ready

The Swedish design company Kasthall launch a nature-in-spired line for 2019 and unveil several exciting collaborations.

Words Johan Magnusson

Founded in 1889 in Kinna, in the Swedish southwest, Kasthall has grown into a world leading design company and manufacturer of exclusive rugs and floors for private and public interior spaces over the 130 years since. The lion’s share of the sales is shipped globally from their factory in Kinna, where production still remains.

— This is where cutting-edge design, innovation, unique handicraft, and sustainability is cultivated and harnessed. The foundation of everything we do, Marketing Director Karin Wickberg explains. We have created classics for decades and have been, and are still working, with some of the most renowned designers and brands. Every rug we produce is made to order, which makes our offering quite unique. It also means that we don’t keep any stock, which is a conscious decision to decrease our environmental footprint.

For Stockholm Design Week, you launched your 2019 collection Soul of Nature. How do you describe that?

— Our Design Studio has taken inspiration from nature’s fragility and mystery and has created rugs and carpets with unexpected colour palettes and combinations for both private and public environments. At the same time, we have developed classic product families and updated the colour palette for some of our best selling rugs. It’s a truly vibrant, elegant, yet playful collection. Our flagship showroom in Stockholm was transformed by stylist Lotta Agaton, into a ”home of Kasthall”, with a new dimension of exploration. The reveal of the news was enhanced by natural tones, with fringes, feathers, and soft textures, playful without compromising elegance, Wickberg says.

Stockholm Design Week also saw the unveiling of their latest collaboration with Jill Singer and Monica Khemsurov, founders of New York-based online design magazine, Sight Unseen.

— When we started talking with Jill and Monica about a potential collaboration, they got very excited about our digital design tool, Rug Designer. In this tool, users can create unique customized woven or hand-tufted rugs. Jill and Monica have each experimented and designed two rugs, one round hand-tufted rug and a woven rug in pink and yellow. Sight Unseen set out to create something unexpected and in a nod to Kasthall, they drew inspiration from the clean lines of Scandinavian design language. They’re using a colour palette that Sight Unseen is often associated with, and one they return to often. After the presentation at Stockholm Design Week, they will be displayed in New York during a joint event in March.

What else will you launch in 2019?

— We are very excited about an upcoming design collaboration with Lara Bohinc.

Feather Peacock from Kasthall’s 2019 collection.