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Pop-up special

Scandinavian MAN x The Lobby: Steamery

Aiming to make it easier to take care of your clothes, Steamery is all about giving you easy access to your whole wardrobe with no more pills and no more wrinkles. With the urban individual in mind, they create well-designed steaming products that are powerful, yet easy to use.

Which product is your favorite from your current collection?

– Our hand steamer Cirrus No.2 is both our best selling product and my personal favorite, says co-founder Frej Lewenhaupt. Effective, portable and inspired by Scandinavian minimalism it really is design and function at its peak. I spent almost two years improving an already great product (Cirrus No.1) to make it even better. Close thereinafter is Pilo Fabric Shaver. I mean, its shape is cute and it saves all your favorite sweaters from ending up in the bin.

What are your feelings about The Lobby?

– We are very excited to be a part of it and the new take on the pop-up store concept that it represents. Located in an exclusive and inspiring shopping environment and with a well-curated mix of established and more upcoming brands, it just feels modern and right in time.

This is a pop-up opportunity, what do you think about the future of retail for your brand?

– The main focus when designing Steamery’s products is how the users interact with them. You push a button, the product interacts and an instant result is achieved. Therefore, it’s no better place to experience Steamery than in a physical retail environment. We see great potential in The Lobby, we believe this is a good example of the future of retail.

What else is coming up for you in 2018?

– The Lobby is the retail launch of Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer. Developed together with our professional steamer supply partner. Professional steaming technology at home in a neat, space-efficient design. At The Lobby, we will also launch Pilo Fabric Shaver in light grey. Come and try them out!

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Cumulus No. 3 Home Steamer.
Cirrus No. 2 and Pilo Fabric Shaver from Steamery.
Cirrus No. 2 range.
Frej Lewenhaupt. Photography: Camilla Svensk