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Pop-up special

Scandinavian MAN x The Lobby: Chimi Eyewear

Mood is an expression and Stockholm-based eyewear company Chimi exists for people with a passion to match their style with different colors, with a range that doesn’t limit anyone to express themselves, and join us at the Scandinavian MAN Edition pop-up store at The Lobby in Stockholm.

Imagine trying to create a perfectly unique look but lacking options. This was the problem Charlie Lindström identified when working as a stylist. Together with his childhood friend Daniel Djurdjevic he started Chimi Eyewear.

Tell us about the range.

– The shades are reasonable in price without compromising with the quality for people to afford more than one pair, the duo says. The communicative theme “One pair is not enough” is to strengthen the idea of collecting the sunglasses over time. It comes in six classical shapes in 10 different colors to match every mood and style of colorful people’s life. The lenses are polarized and 100% UV-protective. All eyewear are handcrafted in a premium cellulose acetate and both lenses and the acetate is produced by the Italian supplier Mazzuchelli. In addition to the basic collection, we have several collaborations with companies and people who inspire, add something new or unexpected to Chimi as a brand.

Which are your three favourite pieces from your current collection?

  • Berry 004: This is one of our bestsellers for both men and women as the perfect combination of luxury and cool. There are limitless ways of styling with it and as the true magic of the color black, it is a safe card. Everyone should own a pair of Berry 004.
  • Peach 006: This suits the definition of Chimi as a brand: Iconic eyewear revamped. We want to create something you have seen before but with a twist. Our color peach is the definition of something that feels classy but colorful.
  • Litchi 002: This is Charlie’s personal favourite. The 002 shape is Chimi’s most rounded frame and suits a more dressed and conscious style.

What are your feelings about The Lobby?

– At the moment Chimi we are focusing on building a strong E-commerce and online platform since it is our only sales channel and therefore our most important part of our business. But selling a product that makes more justice when seeing it, in reality, this pop up-opportunity is extremely important for us to strengthen our brand. We have a lot of returning customers. As soon as people find their favorite frame they often want it in different colors. This extension of our online platform is a great alternative for the curious ones to find their favorite frame and experience the quality Chimi offers. We believe The Lobby is a winning concept – existing in a creative space with lots of other inspirational brands.

What else is coming up for you in 2018?

– We’re ready to expand and our future goals are to establish more markets and create brand awareness around the globe, both in physical stores and to optimize our website for targeted countries. Just like our Net-a-Porter launch, more exciting collaborations will be launched during 2018. We will develop our basic collection and travel to exciting places to create new content. We always challenge the brand and this year will be one of the most important to show our capability to everyone. Of course, this will include exciting events and parties, which are a great part of the lifestyle of Chimi.

Chimi Eyewear.
Charlie Lindström and Daniel Djurdjevic. Photography: Fabian Wester