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Men's Fashion Month Report

mfpen Autumn/Winter 2018 show at The Danish Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen

Photography Jannick Boerlum

For those who don’t know, how would you describe mfpen as a brand?

– A brand with no tricks, without logos and a lot of prints. The main emphasis is within the fit and fabric selection, the overall silhouette and great quality.

And how would you describe this new Autumn/Winter 2018 collection?

– I didn’t have an overall inspiration but worked from a set of working titles, and just tried to create a collection as good as possible. The key was the fabrics with suiting in Italian Prince of Wales cotton check with Japanese lining, the textured wool used for the oversized coats, and the corduroy slacks. My own favourite piece is the checked coach jacket.

Why is it important for you to show in Copenhagen?

– It is where I live, and where I work. At this point, I couldn’t imagine showing anywhere else. When press and buyers come to Copenhagen for Fashion Week they want to see Scandinavian fashion, which they should get. In London, they get the Brittish designers. It only makes sense to me.

What’s the most important thing coming for mfpen in 2018?

– Getting better at what we do and to keep sourcing great materials to work with. With that said, we’re releasing the SS18 collection shortly, which I am both quite proud of and excited about. It’s gonna be interesting to see how it will be received. Besides that, maybe we are working on some collabs…