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Men's Fashion Month Report

FRAM Autumn/Winter 2018 show at Christiania Teater in Oslo

Aiming to create a new take on urban Scandinavian heritage with a more rugged and gritty take on preppy and inspired by the Norwegian explorer Fritjof Nansen, this up and coming fashion label combines last century workwear with more formal elements.

Designer Thomas Frodahl, how do you stand out as a brand?

– The combination of last century workwear, contemporary streetwear, and formal elements, results in smart hybrid pieces that works across different occasions. I feel this combination creates an extremely diverse, adaptable, familiar, yet unique expression. This is at least different than the well establish Scandinavian and minimalistic look.

Tell us about the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.

– I think people in general long for a stronger connection with their surroundings. By doing so we gravitate towards nature and comfort. The colour palette for the collection provides deep earthy harmonic contrasts of deep brown, nuances of green and burnt ochre. By combining traditional tweed and flannels with more lush streetwear influences such as velvet and other streetwear influences we have created that sense of fusion: preppy and established historical done in a contemporary way. The key piece for must be the velvet tracksuit in deep green. Combined with an overcoat, that’s a killer look.

Except for it being your home city, why was it so important for you to show in Oslo?

– We wanted to pay homage to our roots. Our show was in the middle of Oslo center in an old theatre. It was a fitting location for FRAM as well as the collection. It just underpinned our message of fusing the old and new.

What’s the most important coming for you as a brand in 2018?

– We aim to exhibit at CIFF trade fair in Copenhagen next season and got our eyes on the Japanese market as well. In 2018 we will continue to pursue one of our core passions, and that’s challenging the norm in terms of textile production. How can we produce cleaner garments that last longer? It’s crucial that we continue to identify better ways to dye and produce garments. But to have a part of the collection produced in Scandinavia is a major goal for us. We are in talks with a lot of really interesting partners.