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Men's Fashion Month Report

27 images from when Pitti Uomo came to Scandinavia

To celebrate the increased Scandinavian presence at the menswear industry’s leading event in Florence, the Pitti Uomo organization invited media, designers, and friends to two intimate events in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Jeuru and Asger Juel Larsen.
Jonas, Clara, Tina, and Mads.
Frederik Lentz Andersen and Roberto.
Leo Maribo.
Martin Mwila, Silas Adler, and Siri Edit Andersson.
Maya Paustian, Rasmus Bartram, and Freja Wewer
Lapo Cianchi and Francesca Tacconi.
Christian Maibom.
Sigurd Bank, David Andersson Sahlin, and Jeuru.
Silas Adler.
Lapo Cianchi.
Lalle Johnson.
Ulrika Nilsson and Robert Nordberg.
Marcus Söderlind and Erik.
Caroline Åkerlund.
Konrad Olsson.
Martin Hansson.
Erik Mannby.
Francesca Tacconi.
Jonas Bergström.
Robban Berggren and Henrik Halvarsson.
Dimitri de Martignac.
Konrad Olsson. All images courtesy of Agency V.