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Johannes Schildt’s guide to Stockholm

A serial entrepreneur with more than three founded or co-founded companies under his belt – the first one whilst he was still at school. Johannes is the CEO & co-founder of KRY – the Swedish digital healthcare startup that aims to transform the world of healthcare by making it more accessible and convenient.

Words Nick Rice

— What do I love about Stockholm? The architecture, the growing international vibe, that it’s close to nature and water. That you can swim in the middle of the city. What’s not to like?

— I think Stockholm is at its best in the late spring and summer, around midsummer when the sun almost never sets.

— It’s such a liveable city because you don’t need to escape it to get relief. I find myself taking advantage of how green Stockholm is – many community parks, bike paths and nature reserves are near the city centre. The city is built with fairly low buildings so it’s not too dense.

Sthlm Tech meet-up is a good place to start for meeting like-minded business people, or any of the other tech meet-ups in the city. There is a very vibrant start-up scene here. The various events at the co-working spaces could also be good.

Smak is the best place for business lunch. If the weather is good there is nothing better than lunch on their patio in the sun.

— As a getaway, I love Nackareservatet, it’s close to where I live and you always feel refreshed after a walk in the woods. Nackareservatet is a nature reserve that includes small lakes with a natural setting, typical of the southern Stockholm area. There are pine trees, rocky outcrops, and wetlands with small brooks. The area is used for several outdoor activities like walking and jogging, orienteering, skiing, ice skating, and summer and winter bathing.

— As a treat for the mind I really like Artipelag. It’s a very nice space for modern art and is located on the way out to the Stockholm archipelago. The architecture is stunning and blends into the surrounding nature in a very special way. I also like that it was founded by an entrepreneur — Björn Jakobson, founder of the well-known company, BabyBjörn.

— What would an ideal day in Stockholm for me entail? Well, I really like porridge, so firstly I would enjoy a big bowl for breakfast, with lingonberry jam. I’m a bit of a workaholic so an ideal day for me would be to explore new ideas and opportunities for KRY together with my amazing colleagues at the office.

— For lunch, we would have these delicious Vietnamese baguettes that you get from a small place just around the corner from our office. After work, I would either go gaming with my friends at Inferno Online at Odenplan or hang out with my girlfriend and the rest of my cool family around a big dinner where we sit and have heated discussions about how to address different challenges facing the world today.


Schildt’s Stockholm

Sthlm Tech, Guldgränd 8,
Smak, Oxtorgsgatan 14,
Nackareservatet, Park-och-natur/Naturreservat-i-Stockholms-stad1/Nackareservatet-i-Stockholms-stad/
Artipelag, Artipelagstigen 1,
Inferno Online, Odengatan 60,

Photographed at his office by Dan Sjölund