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Jette Egelund’s guide to Copenhagen

Jette Egelund is the Chairman of the board and co-owner of Vipp — the innovative Danish design company that specialises in bathroom, kitchen, furniture and lightning goods, world famous for its iconic pedal bin.

Words Nick Rice
Photography Simon Birk

How long have you lived in Copenhagen?

— I’ve been living in Copenhagen for more than 43 years, although 28 of these years were 32 km outside the city in Hørsholm. I’m still excited about living in the city centre, which I’ve done for 15 years now. I grew up and spent my first 20 years in a smaller town in Jutland and I had always dreamed about living in Copenhagen. Now my office as well as my home is 10 minutes from the city hall.

What do you love about the city?

— There is a freedom being in a big city — you can become private and besides that, you know a lot of people and places. That’s a good feeling.

What is your favourite season — when Copenhagen is at its best?

— I love sunshine and lovely weather, so that could be June or January. Summer is wonderful as you can go swimming in the harbour, and as I live two minutes from the harbour it’s like having a swimming pool in your yard.

Why is it such a liveable city?

— People from the other Scandinavian countries tell me that Copenhagen is the port to Europe, so we might have got some inspiration from the south? I also think people here are very unprejudiced.

Favourite place for a Sunday walk?

— Over the bridges to Vesterbro, through Frederiksberg Garden and ending at Holmen. That’s perhaps too far to walk, so might be better as a bike tour.

A hidden treasure for the food lover?

— Alouette is a hidden place on Islands Brygge with wonderful food — high level.

Your favourite nature escape?

— Amager Fælled is a big green lung just around the corner from my home.

Where is a real treat for the mind — a gallery, museum, theatre or venue for shows?

— We have our own little concert hall beside the Vipp HQ. It’s called Mogens Dahl koncerthal I’m fond of classical music and five times this autumn I will attend chamber music concerts.

What would an ideal day in Copenhagen look like for you?

— Having one of the grandchildren on a tour. So, first riding two stops with the harbour bus to the city centre and then going to King’s Garden. Later I would like to eat at the restaurant Trio in Axel Tower just across from Tivoli.

Jette’s Copenhagen

Frederiksberg Garden, 2000 Frederiksberg,

Alouette, Sturlasgade 14P, 1,

Amager fælled, Artillerivej 73B,

Mogens Dahl Koncerthal, Snorresgade 22,

King’s Garden, Øster Voldgade 4A,

Trio, Axel Towers, Jernbanegade 11,

Photographed outside Vipp Store.