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Atelier Saman Amel for Mr Porter

Childhood friends Dag Granath and Saman Amel with more on their feelings about launching a special capsule for the world’s leading online retailer for men today.

The Stockholm-based duo has known each other since they were about ten years old and always been making stuff together. So, in that sense, the company started long before Atelier Saman Amel was established in 2012.

— We started sewing garments — ties, shirts, and jackets — on a small scale by ourselves, says Dag Granath. After I had studied tailoring for three years, we started to visit Italy frequently to learn more about their approach to tailoring. We launched our atelier offering custom made tailoring in 2015 which was hence our first year in real action.

Tailoring has been associated with formality and expressing hierarchy in the workspace. Today, as fewer situations demand a formal way of dress people, clients are looking for other things from their tailoring.

— It [the client] can be a 20-year-old artist or a 60-year-old banker. That’s what I am most happy about: that our stuff appeals to a broad variety of people, says Granath.

Today, they launch a special capsule for Mr Porter.

— When they reached out to us, we were particularly glad to hear that we share a common value set as well as an analysis of what tailoring is today and what it will become. Mr Porter realizes that tailoring and what function tailoring fills for a modern man is changing. They want to be part of that process, as do we.

Which are the highlights in the collection?

— I am particularly happy seeing the collection as a whole and how well the pieces can be worn separately and mixed up together. The off white linen/wool/silk jacket is a must in the Atelier Saman Amel clients’ wardrobe. It is much more versatile that one might think, although it is a step outside of a lot of guys’ comfort zone. The black wool/mohair dinner jacket that can be worn with faded denim or as a tux jacket alike is another piece I am particularly glad to show. It is the perfect balance of sexy and elegant. Lastly, I want to highlight the wider leg trouser, crafted from a unique canvas cotton fabric that has a beautiful texture to it.

This September, Atelier Saman Amel has their first trunk show in New York.

— Visiting us at our trunk shows is a way for us to give the client a personally curated experience of what Atelier Saman Amel is about. During trunk shows, we build customized fits for each and every client and hopefully we can build strong relationships that will last for many years. Over the past few years, we have had a great deal of clients from NYC and elsewhere in the US that has been travelling to meet with us in London, Seoul or Stockholm so it only felt natural to extend our services to the city. We are very grateful to have had such a great reception there before even coming over. We are still relatively unknown to the greater public outside of the tailoring scene. In NYC, we hope to change that.

Dag Granath and Saman Amel.
Atelier Saman Amel for Mr Porter.