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An Arctic protection

Finnish skincare and makeup brand Lumene celebrates Nordic culture with its new protective line for the winter.

Words Johan Magnusson

Just a few years after Lumene was founded in 1970, they became the market leader within skin care and makeup in their home market. They have retained that position ever since, with an additional strong presence in the U.S., Russia, and Sweden. They are proud of their Finnish heritage.

— All trend reports point towards the fact that Nordic culture and lifestyle is something that is intriguing to people around the globe. We believe that we have a lot to be proud about and we feel that our product philosophy represents the Nordics in a very positive way, says Ola Andersson, Chief Commercial Officer.

— Finland is blessed with exceptional natural generosity. Our close relationship with the wild Finnish environment has led us to focus our cosmetic research on harnessing the exceptional healing and nurturing properties of a variety of Nordic natural resources, with a respectful and sustainable approach, says Tiina Isohanni, Vice President of R&D.

What’s the key to your success?

— Consumers are looking for brands as an extension of their lifestyle and we represent values that are well liked by many, Andersson says. We have also updated both our design and product ranges, which has helped make the look and feel of the brand be more contemporary. However, to keep consumers loyal, you need to have excellent products to get repurchases.

Speaking of product, tell us about the new Arctic Hydra Care line.

— We took the day cream to Lapland last year and let people test it in temperatures between 15 to 30 below zero. Afterwards, 97% agreed that it was very hydrating. The line derives its powers from the natural ingredients of the North, including moisture absorbing Beta complex combined with moisture locking Nordic bilberry, oat and canola oils.

There is a great interest in men’s skincare right now.

— Yes, more and more male consumers are interested in their skincare routine. So much that our wider ranges like Nordic Hydra (Moisturizing) and Nordic C (Glow) lines are also well liked by men, says Isohanni. We also have a series called Invisible Illumination that is well suited for men who want skincare benefits and also the possibility to cover red spots or just get a more even skin tone.

Lumene Arctic Hydra Care.