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A reaction to mass-produced objects

15 years after this creative studio opened a guerilla store for Comme des Garçons in Stockholm, they’re back with a well-curated collection of clothing and other objects. It’s all limited editions, made with a helping hand from one of Europe’s best bespoke tailors.

We all have our favorite garment that we never get rid off. A piece that is more a memory than just something you wear. The value of these pieces is what Stockholm-based creative studio We Are Group wanted to express and present with their new collection Wearegroup8.

— It all started in 2004 with a phone call to Comme des Garçons’ headquarters in Paris, says Fredrik Schollin, Klara Lind and Jonas Danielsson, Co-Founders together with Enzo Bussoli. We had found out that they had opened a guerrilla store in Berlin. The idea triggered a lot in us so we communicated our interest. They liked us or our idea or both, and three months, some plastic sheets and a lot of two-by-four planks later, we opened the CDG Guerrilla store in our office on Södermalm in Stockholm.

In their day to day work for big retail chains, they constantly have to create stories and concepts regarding mass-produced objects. The start of Wearegroup8 was a reaction to this.

— And we found the solution in our own wardrobes. A Scandinavian Airline bag from the 60s, a corduroy jacket from the 50s, and a French alpine jacket from the 70s were the pieces that made everything happen. Soon, a jacket and a shirt from the 80s completed the first collection.

Not being designers they realized that the corduroy jacket needed the skill of a tailor. Their search led to bespoke tailor Frederik Andersen at one of Europe’s leading tailors, AW Bauer in Stockholm, who shared their ambition regarding quality and expression.

— He presented the corduroy from Hardy Minnis, the special buttons made that he had found and a lining that we just loved at first site. The first ”The Florentine jacket” was born and could now be produced by hand in Perugia, Italy.

The brand has numbered its own items 1 to 6. (Additionally, under 0, they have pieces that they love and that touches them emotionally. As fragrance CHIA by Florence-based Farmacia SS Annunziata, the oldest niche perfume brand in Europe of today.) Everything is genderless and non-seasonal in limited quantities between 30 and 50 pieces. When one piece is gone they will never do a new edition.

— The 8x11x16 Bag is produced in Empoli with ecological leather, Japanese zippers, and a very special cotton lining.
— Le Pisteur Jacket in its heavy cotton canvas and Japanese zipper, sewn in Florence.
— The Falling Water Shirt in viscose, originally found at a flea market in Paris, with a Japanese zipper, of course, and also produced in Florence.
— The Japanese Oversize Trenchcoat was handmade in Tokushima, Japan and dyed 5 times in indigo by a company that grows and harvest their own indigo.
— The Uniforme Jacket, found in a thrift store in Japan, was produced in 50 pieces in Florence.

The collection is available in their own store in Stockholm and online and, this weekend, also on display and to purchase at retailer JUS.

— We’re now looking for one retailer in New York and one in Tokyo, and collaborations with an American artist and a Swedish designer are under discussion, says Schollin, Lind, and Danielsson.

Le Pisteur Jacket by Wearegroup8. Photography: Eric Broms
The Florentine Jacket. Photography: Eric Broms
Top model Adina Fohlin wearing Le Pisteur Jacket with its foldable hood.
The Florentine Jacket.
The 8x11x16 Bag photographed in Florence by Axel Lindahl.